UAN enables the students to consult career advisors, educators, browse the courses and find the best fit for further studies to reach the dream career

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A Platform to Connect with Educators and Education Consultants to Make the Most Efficient Career Decision

UAN is a platform where a Student receives all the information, consultation and services to choose the studies abroad. It provides the details of the essential international universities in a huge platter, which can be selected based on the different criteria's Student wants to pursue. A network of Educators ranging from research institutes, universities to language schools and specialised Education Consultants in nearly all regions of the world working from virtual locations or a premise near you to serve you with any relevant international education service you want to pursue. Graduation programmes, preparatory language courses, higher education, internships, post graduation and what not. Everything as a Student you can ever ask for. The best countries and the top brass education you need to make your career fly high.


Wide Choice of Studies Options Globally

UAN unites dozens of educators in all the world, and browsing our study options you may choose from various courses, diploma studies, degree studies, language courses and internships offered in English and other popular world languages in the fields of business & economics, engineering & technologies, computer science, medicine, languages, political science, etc. Course listing provides transparent, comparable information so you can make the decision considering your preferences, educational background and economic conditions.Apply to universities or colleges globally, directly or via consultants.

One-window Application Platform

Once registered with UAN, a Student may browse different study countries, universities and colleges and submit preliminary application to as many of options as desired. Being our registered applicant, the Student receives multiple the best fit studies offers depending on education and economic preferences, in this way increasing successful admission guarantee. UAN eliminates filling multiple applications, communication with different educators about requirements & documentation, career perspectives and migration procedures as our experienced counsellors will answer to all your questions with one click.

A Hub of Webinars and Fairs

UAN is more than a study portal. We actually network and intermediate between the Educators, Education Consultants and the Students and offer a number of platforms to interact. Check our events calendar for the upcoming Virtual Open Fairs, webinars with the direct participation of Educators.

Since our events are online, we are able to invite diverse institutions and increase your awareness of them. Moreover, you do not need to travel to those events, just stay connected from your computer. To add, UAN partners are travelling and meeting prospective students, therefore stay tuned to receive the notifications about the nearest events close to you.

A Network of Verified and Certified Education Consultants

If a Student and his family prefer apply via consultant agency, UAN suggests to use its own UAN network and to eliminate fraud businesses in the market. You can always trust the agent who wears UAN logo as we cooperate only with those whom we verified, trained and monitor themselves. Our partners have direct contact with Educators, they might have already visited the universities themselves the candidates are scouting for and intermediated for hundreds of students. Therefore, they have much more to tell you from “inside” than any other counsellor and to leave you to make your own decision with much more facts and practices.

Valuable Consultations

To make the decision about studies abroad is challenging due to different education systems, distant universities, sometimes lack of information. Here UAN become your true partner with a wide range of opportunities to get consultations from representatives of universities, verified education consultants if you are not confident to apply directly, career mentors and fellow students. Having an opportunity to consult many different people the decision is not that difficult to make. Moreover, UAN provides free mentoring and expert advice on career development.

All in One Package

A complete package of services right from study options to applications, from visa processing to accommodation and other after sales services is made available to our Students to ensure that they never get lost under our watch. Under privileged students if qualified for a course with some university, will be assisted with essential funding for their tuition with scholarship or bank loan options. UAN provides a platform which is transparent, competent, balanced and cheaper than any other global recruitment solution available in the recruitment industry.

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