Accomodation Services

Accommodations are an imperative part of UAN services to students and all its patrons. The kind of requirement that comes for such service providers with UAN may arise from student recruitments, fairs, agent workshops, Road shows, FAM trips etc.

When it comes to student recruitment, we all know that first time for everything is awkward, strange and exciting at the same time. It's all the same when it comes to travelling as well, especially to a new country in the name of education for a time span ranging from one year to anywhere close to four years. UAN understands the importance of delivering all its services in each step of the recruitment process on a very comfortable note during such circumstances. It wants the student's valuable time to be spent on nothing but education and related activities when they get to the host nation.


When it is a new place there are chances that the student could get lost or may not have any prior connections among their friends or family residing in the foreign country of the university except for the few alumni's or prior students who have sought services from UAN for their education in the same country. The thought of it might be a little heart wrenching in the beginning, but understanding these difficulties, UAN has set contracts with the essential service providers across the globe, which will be servicing the students with such accommodation facilities depending on their budget and other criteria's. This will ensure that the student is completely at ease when they get to the institution and can focus right into their academic activities from the moment they touch down.


This kind of services will be done by a third party service provider subscribed with UAN specifically for such activities, with in the host country or who has third party access in the host country. The type of accommodation that a student can opt for, may vary from university accommodations, dorm rooms, independent rooms, hostel, independent houses, apartments, condo's with other amenities depending on the student's requirement and budgets. All these and more value added services will be provided by UAN service providers including pick up from airport to their accommodations.

The student can easily make prior arrangements for the accommodations via UAN portal, by searching for a service provider with in the host country to which he or she proposes to travel. Then all they have to do is post an enquiry on their wall with your essential options. The facilities matching your specific requirements will be posted into the student window or mailed to you with various details like the pictures, video clips of the place, rates, description etc. Now all students have to do is to select the best option that matches their needs and pay for it in advance for a booking. Payments can be made through credit cards, debit cards or pay pal.

Apart from students, for agents and educators, we provide accommodation facilities ranging from premium hotels, resorts, condos, hostels, shared facilities etc that are highly customizable with filters. This ensures that all our patrons' expectations when it comes to accommodation services are properly met.

If at all for any grievances, or mishaps with the accommodation services, while the student, agents and educators gets to their destination, please feel free to contact UAN 24/7 support, for immediate assistance. We believe in delivering the best to our patrons.

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