Banking Services

We clearly understand the concern when it comes to handling the monetary decisions with regard to transfers, deposits, safety, opening accounts and flexibility of operations across the borders. This is exactly why UAN has banking services for all its students and patrons around the globe.

The major share of its operations is pertinent to student services for pursuing education and careers abroad. UAN under its contracts with multiple international banking and financial corporation's, (As banking service providers) for assisting our students in receiving the best of their banking services, in each step they take while embarking upon an academic journey across the borders. The banks under the purview of UAN, operates in alliances with their international hosts spread across different nations. They provide services like financial planning, assistance, Forex solutions, international demand drafts, outward remittance solutions, currency exchanges etc. to all its students, agents and educators.

Students have a complete online banking solution with few of the major players in the industry. They give all sorts of financial assistance to the students associated with UAN like education loan, tips for managing their money while they are abroad, international credit and debit card facilities, consultation to open a bank account with the foreign country etc.


Everything the student or an agent need for all their banking solution is served with a value addition by providing full on assistance through their customer support and other quick fund raising options under emergency situations. The banks also serve the student, agents and educators with the essential insurance services to help them tied through the insecurities while being in foreign destinations.

All these and more are made available to its students and patrons travelling abroad via UAN through their user account. The users will always have the option to choose the best banking services listed in their search option. The ratings for different services will be projected in the portal pages and the patrons have complete freedom to select the kind of financial institution they want to bank their funds with.

For such service providers, UAN is an excellent platform to foray their banking services into education sector with a new set of global target audience including the agents, students and educators. The platform automates and promotes their business processes through the UAN service provider business centre with an optimum mix of offline and online strategies. All these within a few clicks and a 24/7 support team, to assist our patrons in the event of any inconvenience, mishaps or grievances while being with UAN.

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