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With a foot hold of more than a decade long experience in abroad education recruitment services, UA Networks has made an astounding impact in the education sector. Connecting Educators, Education Consultants, Service Providers and Students, UAN provides an access to global market, enables broader choice of studies abroad, creates physical and virtual platforms to increase efficiency of international marketing and brings the best in class technology to automate the recruitment of qualified students.

Together with our partners, UAN has developed a knowledge hub and tools for international recruitment, and we are looking to share it with you.

What is UAN?

We are a unique virtual International student recruitment platform that connects Students with both a vast number of Educators and Education Consultants. To be distinctive and advanced in the market, we offer much more than networking and creating new opportunities for students’ recruitment. UAN is what we have created: a platform for B2B cooperation, communication and training among Educators and Education Consultants, advanced software (ERP) to manage students’ recruitment business, a combination of physical and virtual marketing tools (info seminars, road trips, virtual education fairs, webinars, e-counselling), study portal with actively engaged prospective students, and much more.

UAN is accumulated value through the partnership among our network members – Educators, Education Consultants and UAN team.

Why UAN?

UAN, based on more than decade of experience in international student recruitment sector, is created to meet the requirements and expectations of 3 target groups: Educators, Education Consultants and Students. We seek to provide transparent studies choice for students, diversify and increase applications to universities via established global network of agents and platforms to generate direct students leads, and provide new tools and software to education consultants to increase potential students’ reach and manage entire application process efficiently. UAN becomes not only global virtual network and platform which assists to be the best in the sector but also a high quality standards implying resource centre to share collected expertise, to reach efficiency in daily recruitment processes and meet individual KPIs.

Who can use UAN?

UAN is a multi-functional platform that can be used by any aspiring recruiter or a student. Educators use UAN and its services for contacting with the agents and students directly, for consulting them using webinars and virtual fairs platforms, for promoting institution and courses via numerous online and offline marketing tools to increase and diversify qualified leads. Education consultants benefit from contracting with the universities and recruiting qualified students, introducing modern virtual tools in daily process such as e-counselling platform and automating daily recruitment routine using UAN ERP. Students choose UAN for scouting through different courses and universities spread across the globe to choose the perfect career path.


Our Team

UAN has an efficient and supportive back up office consisting of Networking, Admission support, Sales and marketing, Event coordination, Technical and Finance teams to support individual expectations of each partner, to coordinate common activities and to increase individual business performance and effectiveness.

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