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Education Fairs

Education fairs have been quiet a reputed system for bringing the prospective students and renowned universities to a common platform. This mode of promotion for international universities has been prevalent in the market since the 1970's. UAN has its own success story for conducting such fairs across the globe. A common platform that brings the renowned universities across the globe under one roof, signed up to work with UAN. The students get to window shop for educational services at this venue. The pre registered students with UAN also gets an opportunity to have a close interaction with the university delegates with regard to different matters including, different course offerings, specializations, visa processing, IELTS, education loans, scholarships, application fee waivers etc.


With UAN Edu Fairs, we undertake spot admission, qualification tests and issue offer letters at the venue. Besides, qualified and interested students present in the venue will be shortlisted and contacted later on by the relevant educators for further counseling and admission processing. The education fairs with UAN have always served to be a platform where in the students can even bring in their parents and engage them to have a close interaction with the university officials of their choice. It also helps you to understand your level of qualification with various universities and the course offerings with them which would suit yourself. Above all, the student gets an opportunity to understand and explore a new dimension with international education with few of the top ranked universities across the globe.

Virtual Edu Fairs

With UAN we ensure that all our fairs and events create a hallmark in the market. For the same we assure ourselves that we are never outdated by any mode of technology available in the industry. Hence forth, we at UAN are proud to present you with UAN International Online Edu Fairs.Hence forth, we at UAN are proud to present you with UAN International educational fairs.With this platform the prospective international students across the globe, registered with UAN can raise their queries and learn more about more than 5000 universities or educators across the globe. All of them registered and working exclusively with UAN, that falls under the top ranked categories in the global education industry. Educational fairs for agents are also included in our platform. Virtual Open fairs marks UAN to be a technology platform which stands out by providing the students and educators and agents to learn and progress in each and every step they take up during the recruitment process with UAN.

How this works

All of the sessions are scheduled to last between 30 to 40 minutes with presentations from the educators and other institutions. The presentations will also give ample lot of time for Q & A sessions with the viewers or the attendees online. In addition to the presentations, the students will also get to learn the various procedures and activities that are followed for different universities under their host countries. All such online sessions will be recorded and made available for the students for future views as well.Simultaneously, the online Edu Fairs conducted by UAN will be hosted in various social media platforms as well, where in the students or the attendees can subscribe to our channel in Facebook, YouTube, and many more, for which relevant replies will be made by UAN or its participants.

Online Counselling

The online educational fairs attended by a student's always have the option to schedule an online counseling with the relevant university or its consultants to get in depth details and process their admissions on a much simpler note and clarity within the comfort of their own residence. UAN with its innovative online fairs will ensure that we keep the global education industry intact and reach out to everyone across the globe, who might have missed out since they doesn't have a physical access to its global fairs in an international venue. This way we make education services, globally mobile.

Benefits for Educators:

Access to top qualified student market across the globe by attending the fairs
Direct interaction with the student removes all possible mind barriers the students or their parents might have, enabling better conversion.
Enables easy expansion of the universities recruitment activities into new student markets. Gives the universities a chance to meet other institutions and will possibly have room for discussing exchange programs.
Institution will also get to meet the decision makers or the sponsors for the students to convince them better with their offer.
Opportunity to issue spot admission letters for qualified students.
Customizable market campaigning for the institutions that help them promote their courses and the study destinations.
Optional opportunity for the institution to use data scanners that can help them collect better leads during the fairs and do the essential follow ups.
The pics from such events can act as a marketing tool for the institution in their own web sites and other portals that conducts the fairs.


Benefits for Students:

Personal one to one interaction with the core officials responsible for the recruitment activities. It helps you to get more insights on various services and course offerings.
Such fairs can enable the student to have strong career guidance from experienced people in the industry that have an optimum course offering and specializations which can typically match their career goals and aspirations.
Spot recruitment and admission letters reduces the wastage of time for both the institutions and students.
Students can also have close discussions about post academic activities like stay back, placements, permanent residence etc.
You get to know the actual costs structure with various options that you have with different universities and make a wise decision.
The students get to know various options like the scholarships, application fees wavier and spot offers.
Most of the services offered during such fairs are free career guidance, visa counseling, qualification tests, language tests etc.



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