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A language, certainly contributes as the most integral part of an economy. This is what entails the international trade, alliances and most of all holds the integrity between nations for a better future. UAN understands the potential of bringing in the best of international language schools into the institution list as a patron to its services. The benefits of such schools are farfetched from what anyone can possibly conceive. Learning a language could be a very important decision for the candidate, especially considering the core motive of undertaking such eruditions. Hence there goes in a lot of thought process and understanding a wide range of factors that needs to be considered while choosing a language school. For the same we have our experienced panel of consultants serving you with the essential mentoring and counseling sessions, to ensure that your language learning motives are brought into a pragmatic phase while being objectified to a career path which can be very fruitful to your future. Such decision involves the right language, right school, right destination, right culture and the perfect environment to make it a remarkable experience. We at UAN, helps you achieve it in the best ways possible. Languages are often considered as an important tool within a person that defines his capability to multitask with the best of it, when they travel around the world, do businesses or work as an international client relationship manager for a company and more. So on this outset, it's very crucial that you get the best of it at the best possible budget, to make it easy on every one. UAN is the optimum solution to such requirements that allows your aspirations to spread wings with a wide range of customizable language learning packages served from more than 2000 top language schools spread across the globe, empanelled for their qualitative recruitment

Services and Benefits of language schools

The quickest way to learn an international language is by lodging oneself into a location where in the language of your choice prevails and possibly by enrolling with a reputed language school in that vicinity. At UAN, we understand this and truly believe the fact that practice makes learning better, easier and faster. So we wish to give all our language aspirant students an opportunity in a foreign region to interact with the locals using the various verbs and conjunction charts that they learn from their language schools on a daily basis. Besides, this also gives them an opportunity to learn the local slangs, prevalent in different regions of the host nation. This way they learn both from outside and within the language schools. The cultural exposure from such learning activities is something that gives you a global edge, which makes you stand out in the eyes of the cooperates, social groups and the local communities that you fashionably involve with.

The biggest factor that needs to be considered while learning a language is choosing the best one that matches your interest and objective. Like Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German etc. Once that is done, UAN will help the student to choose the right schools considering different internal and external factors.

As you all know most of the language schools are location specific. Like for instance if its Spanish, the best place would be none other than Spain, when it comes to Italian there will be schools from Italy, if its German, the student can always opt for a language school in Germany. But with UAN, we believe in providing far more value additions to what our students spend for their education. For the same, when it comes to language schools, there are options where in the students doesn't necessarily have to bear the whole expenses of going into a country which actually lives by that language. For example, take the case of Spanish, as in the previous context, it was mentioned that the students are likely to choose a language school from Spain, since their native language is Spanish. This could get considerably expensive if the students are not made aware of the other options, like what is available in Mexico, at Oaxaca where the students have the choice to learn Spanish in a certified language school, interact with the Hispanic community that speaks Spanish with multi accents, in addition to it, the location is simply marvelous, submerged in mountains, beaches, colonial city, and more in offer, at not even a fraction of what they spend for Spain. Similarly to learn French, it's not essential that the student strictly needs to go to France, one of the fashion capitals of the world and it doesn't come too easy on people. But when you are with UAN, it gives you the option of having to learn colloquial French within a French community and from an accredited language school from Canada within Quebec City. This happens to be much cheaper and rewarding for the students. Here there the students also have emergency access to English as well.

At UAN, we grant our students with such options that can be more than just a value addition, regardless of any extent of budgetary issues that they might be undergoing.

Once the language school is set, UAN also assists its prospects in finding a best program that might suit their needs. Like if they want to do a part time job, make money to pay for their tuition and expenses while they pursue a language course in a country, the consultants with UAN will help you by engaging you in an evening class or a day class or three hour a day class or 12 hour day class according to what you need. It also enlists options for its candidates to choose the size of the classes they might be attending to, while they are pursuing such language courses abroad. They help you with the various part time work options you can look into while you are in the destination, as well. So in total, with UAN a candidate gets to choose a range of highly customizable packages of language courses with a lot of add ons directly from the educators or through its experienced international consultants on disposal.

These are quiet exclusive additions to what you may enjoy being a registered patron with UAN. Most of the language programs provided by such institutions associated with UAN have flexible options to make it very convenient for our registered candidates. Such number of language schools with UAN goes beyond 2000 across the globe.

UAN also gives its students a platform to converge in to learn any language they want, like in US with Berlitz, which provides them an opportunity to learn more than one language in a go, within same time span. Whatever be the options for language learning program a prospect needs, UAN serves it better than their expectations.

All you have to do is register with UAN, browse through the list of best language schools empanelled with us across the globe and choose the best options with the help of our consultants to back you up at any point of time you need.

Benefits As Educators

 Flexible course structures: Language schools have always been a flexible medium of teaching for the educators. The course structures are normally customizable and the learning schedule doesn't normally last for more than six to twelve months.

 No Degree program: Language courses provided by the institutions are normally non degree programs. These kind of courses provided by the institutions helps to create a pathway courses for the candidates interested in pursuing another academic course with the institution.

 Global cultural contribution: Language schools contribute to a global understanding of different culture among its students by making them indulge in the native heritage, culture and history in the process of making them learn the language within a specific community. It also emphasizes on making the candidates learn about its specific connections to other disciplines as well.

 More Profitability: Educational institutions offering language courses, are quiet profitable as the major resources of tutoring languages comes from close interactions, specific cultural involvement, student interactions through various activities and requires fewer resources.

Benefits for the Students:

 Gateway program: For students who choose to pursue a language program, it always acts as a gateway to a lot of other streams of education and other activities for their career prospects. Such language courses can either lead them to extend another education program in the host nation or a stay back option depending on the host country and its education programs with the similar institutions.

 No IELTS or TOEFL: The language school doesn't require an IELTS or TOFEL for its admission process. Hence the students even without mainstream knowledge, in English can easily make a break through into the international boundaries with such gateway courses.

 Increased cultural exposure: Candidates while learning international language courses always gets to experience new culture, their history, precise slangs etc. Such learning always impacts on the student personality, degree of flexibility and exposure in a good way that it always reflects on a positive note in their resumes in the global market.

 Flexible learning: Language schools have always provided a flexible medium for learning an international language. The candidates have the option to customize the course structure according to their secondary objective in the host country. This includes, customizing the class hours, routines, schedules etc to match with the student options to take up a part time job or other courses along with it.

 Ease of visa procedures: Generally the visa procedures for a language course student can be procured with much ease compared to other academics a student might opt for. Generally the tenure of such visa may vary from 6 to 12 months.

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