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A certain mix of services that incorporates both the features of an offline and online business model, is what makes UAN stand out as a portal service from all the global Student recruitment services that are prevalent in the industry.. The range of services varies from international branding and networking, e-marketing solutions to automation of recruitment process. We unite Educators and Education Consultants and work together for Students to fulfil their dreams for international education.

Personalised Services

UAN is a network of 800 Education Consultants and 50 Educators backed by a technology developed from more than decade of experience in the global student recruitment industry. To deliver a smooth flow of recruitment operation from top to bottom.

UAN gives its personalised services to UAN partners that encompass the growth and prosperity of all its partners and students. For Student it's an all in one pack education product portfolio with after sales services anywhere across the globe. For the Education Consultants it's technically automated recruitment and business expansion model which enables them to manage and monitor their resources to the best. For Educators, we provide them a strictly screened and monitored recruitment process via our Education Consultants and direct leads. All this is achieved and secured through advanced techniques and ERP solutions.


Having a wide range of Educators (universities, colleges, language schools), Education Consultants working in various regions of the world under UAN umbrella we are able to offer the Students a wider choice of study options from short term courses to full degrees according to their preferences, education background, economic resources and career ambitions.

For Educators, the quality of Education Consultants and Students are always ensured through a detailed profiling and proficiency testing modules as well as direct training.

Education Consultants benefit from connecting with new universities in new countries and having a wider option of courses in terms of destinations, duration, study field, tuition fees, language of instruction, etc. available in one click course finder under ERP.


At UAN we believe that quality services can be guaranteed only via close collaboration among the partners. Thus, we invest a lot of time into training of our new members not only how to use our software and marketing solutions but also about new markets, UAN partners, students’ behaviour and assist in choosing personalised set of marketing tools in particular markets.

We invite Educators to train our Education Consultants directly using Webinars platform about the offered courses, admission requirements, study and living environment or host them on campus personally or on our organised FAM trips so they can consult the applicants and their families with more confidence and live examples.

Having enormous experience in international students ourselves we advise the Education Consultants with the bestselling key points for targeted countries which are new in the market. We see that this model serves the Student, and therefore we all are the winners in the industry.


Cooperating with e-Scheduler UAN is able to offer the partners new e-solutions customised exclusively for education sector to reach the target audience.

Virtual Open Fairs

Virtual Open Education Fairs are easy on your pocket and more permissive than conventional exhibition owing to its global reach and unlimited attendance capacity. This is the best way for students and educators to meet and to discuss study, living and career opportunities. The e-solution provides customisable virtual booth, public presentations (which may be recorded and streamed later), live video conversations, private counselling and many more features to benefit the most during one day (e-travelling included).


Webinars present an easier, faster and cheaper solution of the event to talk live with the target audience, to present, for example, the university, study programmes, to discuss the latest trends in job market and to interact with the audience, to have questions-answers sessions, to organise polls. Webinars become more popular as they allow to meet the same expectations raised for live seminars but also enables to reach larger and diverse audience, to host several webinars in a day or week for different participants and to adjust to the millennials’ lifestyle to receive information and to communicate in virtual media.


Through e-Counselling counsellors can guide their students irrespectively of their location or time thereby expanding their business reach and broadening diversity. The student also benefits equally from this by not having to travel to the agent's location and getting all the required information and guidance within the comfort of their home.


At UAN, we know that the business bonds are strengthened and secured when all the people involved have an opportunity to see and get to know what exactly their service renderings are to their valuable students. For the same we use this platform to engage our Education Consultants to travel down to the Educators they wish to empanel with, or they are already contracted to work for. This not only enhances the morale and confidence of the Education Consultants to work with the Educators, but also this would serve as an opportunity for the Educators to deliver the exact expectations of the students on a right note, to introduce themselves and their services, in a much better way to their prospective agents or might even help in selecting the right agents the institutions feels they can work with.

This will also ensure that everyone involved in the contract are on the same page and the standard of education & lifestyle their students are likely to receive is none less than what they experience during the FAM trip. FAM trip is quite an innovative concept developed by UAN, to ensure that the business ties are strengthened not only by virtual platforms, but also with the help of a mix of good old fashioned strategies.

Also, through such trips, the Education Consultants might be able to reap a customisable offer or a course that can specifically be sold in their market. This way FAM trips gives room for a lot of customisations and options for both the Educators and Consultants.


UAN seeks efficiency in all recruitment processes and other areas thus we strongly recommend our UAN partner Educators to notify us about foreseen business trips abroad let it be physical education fair, conference or networking meeting. Having half of a day free we can use it to meet new students in the destination city. The info seminars with UAN have always served to be a platform where the Students can even bring in their parents and engage them to have a close interaction with the Educator’s officials of their choice. It also helps to understand the level of qualification with various Educators and the course offerings with them which would suit yourself. Above all, the Student gets an opportunity to understand and explore a new dimension with international education while the Educators meet prospective students and maximise the efficiency of regular business trip.


It’s public secret that Students and their parents from some countries prefer to consult Education Consultants before making the final decision where to go for studies abroad. And in the cities having millions of people, the network of Education Consultants is huge and dense, but choosing the trustable ones who look for long-term business goals is a challenge many Educators face. Therefore, we offer Road Shows and Agents Workshops where UAN brings pre-screened Education Consultants in one place. It may be limited to one country and one city only, but also can go from Oman to UAE, from Sri Lanka to Taiwan.

For the same we use this platform to engage our Consultants to meet up the Educators they wish to empanel with, or they are already contracted to work for. This not only enhances the morale and confidence of the Consultants to work with the Educator, but also serves as an opportunity for the Educators to introduce themselves and their services, in a much better way to their prospective partners or might even help in selecting the right agents that the Educator feels they can work with.

The same options can be delivered through online workshops. If Educator has no time for the road show, we encourage to spend half of the day on business trip to meet the students and to visit the office of partnering Education Consultant or present new ones during a single one-hour workshop.


With such a big number of organised events, naturally UAN is active in social media and internet marketing, and with the help of Education Consultants – also in the press of local markets. Our marketing team organises numerous events for students online and offline using our Webinars, Virtual Open Fairs, e-Counselling and other e-solutions therefore the participants of the events are constantly advertised along with the event to the students. This way we not only guarantee more attendees (and new leads) to the events but also raise the visibility and notoriety of UAN partners internationally.

Moreover, we are working on a few new projects will allow to advertise Educators, Education Consultants their services to prospective Students.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a modern technology to run international recruitment business that is designed especially for the Education Consultants but also can be used by the Educators and, indirectly, by the Students. ERP is a software for student recruitment that stands for one-window communication among the partners, automated and backed with artificial intelligence solutions choices for the course matching and picking, applications processing and analysing, statistical reports and performance monitoring of the branches. Some of our partners use ERP for more than 5 years and enjoy the efficiency and simplicity in the recruitment business.


A complete online package that serves the Students with umpteen options and filters that can guide them to the right educator they need anywhere around the globe. A platter with more than 800 Consultants and 50 Educators backed by information seminars, Webinars and Virtual Online Fairs to serve the candidates with essential post admission services. All this service ensures that right from the moment of first intro with the candidate, followed by counselling and guidance, the student can get all the admission process through a virtual panel and that too on time. As a Student this can highly help you save more resources and enhance your level of satisfaction through our services. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd