Centralized Portal

Study Abroad Application Manager takes pride in introducing its dynamic and customized student application management portal for end-to-end automation and management of application process. With an alert mechanism that ensures no application deadline or update is missed, extensive document uploading facility to submit all required certificates and files of an applicant, and a pre-evaluation process that checks for basic requirements for course eligibility without bearing application cost, the portal provides a hassle-free experience. The facility for applying to multiple universities for one student from a single page, re-activation facility of old or archived applications at any given point in time, and more. The Portal also offers a friendly course finder to pick the right choice of study programmes from the available panel of universities, access to webinars and other events by university personnel, customized training, branding and promotions for enhanced market reach, and technical assistance. With this comprehensive tool, education consultants can be assured of a streamlined process that saves time, improves efficiency, and increases business conversions.

Networking & Connections

With Study Abroad Application Manager, we provide an excellent opportunity for Education Consultants to expand their network of educators and increase their enrolments by catering to the rising demand for global education. Our platform allows consultants to handpick the countries and educators from our extensive list of verified partners. We take pride in being responsible for selecting and verifying the educators, eliminating any worries about diploma mills or unaccredited courses for both students and education consultants. With a wide network of educators, we guarantee the best fit for nearly all applicants based on their preferences, financial resources, and educational background.

Return On Investment

At Study Abroad Application Manager, we recognize that the commission earned on enrolled students is a crucial source of revenue for our partners. Therefore, we do not eliminate or limit their ability to charge students for their services. In fact, we work to develop our network of educators and education consultants for mutual benefit and business growth. Our ERP portal streamlines the application process which means our partners can handle more applications and enroll more students without adding extra staff or resources.

Our network of educators spans multiple countries and universities, giving our partners access to a vast pool of prospective students. Our platform provides real-time analytics of individual and overall applications, allowing our partners to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

High Success Rate

At Study Abroad Application Manager, we are committed to achieving a high success rate for our partners and applicants. With our extensive knowledge of the admission requirements of all Educators and our personalized approach to each applicant, we ensure the best possible match for their goals and qualifications. Our expert team guides each applicant through the application process, ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted in full, resulting in a significantly reduced fail rate. By partnering with us, our partners can expect a high success ratio in their business, leading to increased growth and profitability.


At Study Abroad Application Manager, we value our long-term partnerships with education consultants and educators. We believe that providing quality training is the key to the success of our partners in the competitive study abroad industry. That is why we offer comprehensive workshops on best practices, as well as presentations on our network of educators and their competitive advantages. Our goal is to engage partners and empower them to promote their services and offerings to students effectively. With our training and resources, our partners can stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques, and better serve their students with confidence and expertise.

Dedicated Support and Assistance

At Study Abroad Application Manager, we understand the importance of providing our partners with comprehensive support to help them achieve their student recruitment goals. That is why we have an internal team dedicated to providing training, information dissemination, and prompt resolution of queries. With our centralized communication channel, you no longer have to deal with multiple universities individually. Our team has a deep understanding of our partner universities, their courses, admission requirements, and the status of applications. This fail-proof method of student recruitment, coupled with our expert team and user-friendly portal, ensures that our partners can provide high-quality services and grow exponentially in a short period of time.

Guidance on Promotions and Marketing

At Study Abroad Application Manager, we work closely with Educators, Education Consultants, and Students to generate collective knowledge about individual markets. Our team provides guidance on marketing and promotions to our Education Consultant partners, based on our understanding of the education system and career perspectives in different countries. This helps our partners to better target their marketing efforts and reach potential students more effectively.

Webinars, Workshop, Campus Tours and more

At Study Abroad Application Manager, we conduct regular informative training webinars, workshops, education fairs, and other events to educate our existing partners on latest updates in the industry and also to start new collaborations and grow our network. As part of our growth strategy, we bring together different partners to these events, providing an opportunity for Educators to present their institution to several of our partners and their prospective students at once, enhancing the credibility and competitive advantage of our businesses. With our support, our partners can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the study abroad industry and grow their business exponentially in no time. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd