With UA networks, we intend to expand the horizons of networking in all possible ways with agents, educators, students and service providers. This ensures that we promise all our patrons a future in the education sector by all means. If this implies incorporating the software, technology, digital marketing and a set of offline campaigning or the traditional networking, we are down to it. With UAN events, we guarantee that all our patrons, gets an opportunity to exchange services and network in a more promising environment, helping them build a bond of trust and healthy relations with potential business opportunities. For the same we introduce a set of Road shows, agent workshops, FAM trips and education fairs with UAN in each quarter of the year. This serves our patrons with relevant opportunities to engage in healthy networking, like old school by exchanging cards, contacts and spot contracts, engaging much healthier bonds of business ties. With events, UAN strives to punch through that extra stride, to be the best in all realms of recruitments, by not just restricting ourselves to a series of updated technical and promotional mojo’s through the portal. Events helps us provide our patrons with real time physical opportunities in the education sector to connect, meet, learn and be the best they can be in the industry without any barriers bound by time, travel or international borders.


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