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UAN has come up with a wide services package to UAN registered Students to choose the best fit of studies abroad, to apply for the preferred course(s) and settle in a new country without additional challenges. This way the Student can concentrate on the weighing study and career options, preparing for motivation interview and integration in the new study environment because UAN will assist with the collecting of necessary documents for application, visa submission, study loan application, travelling; transparent and timely informing about the progress in each step from submitting the application to visa interview; providing trustable references of senior students, connecting with the representatives of the education institutions, etc. And all the services come in one package location independently.


An Access to a Wide Pool of Study Programmes, Courses, Internships to Choose the Best Fit of Studies Abroad

UAN partners with a big number of the top universities, colleges, business and language schools so each Student can make the most compatible decision about studies abroad considering personal study and career preferences, qualification and academic achievements, financial resources, etc. UAN offers hundreds of study programmes, courses, language, qualification development programmes and provides a variety of destinations, campuses, languages, fees, cultures and personal development opportunities along with scholarship details, placement options, summer internship options and a lot more.

Professional and Transparent Consultations about Study and Career Choices Abroad

UAN consists of global network of verified higher educational consultants so wherever the Student is located he/she can approach a professional counselor for an advice how and what to choose. UAN Education Consultants are trustable, trained and follows the business ethics to provide the up to date and objective information about the Educator, study programmes, application requirements and career perspectives.

The Student is encouraged to verify provided information himself on official websites of the Educators, to talk to senior students and to make the final decision on his own.

Timely and Transparent Status of Application

Whether it is direct application to a foreign university or with the assistance of UAN Educational agents, here the Student will always be transparent with the application processing, right from the moment of initial consultation to the admission letter and transfer all the processing fees or tuition fees for an admission. Their status quo will be updated on a day to day basis with emails and an account notification on where exactly your admission process at is.

Increased Admission Success Rate

UAN counsellors have a professional knowledge about the minimum and specific requirements to apply for each of the study programmes abroad. Therefore, the Student is exempted from disappointed not to get study offer after applying to the study programmes the prerequisites of which he/she is not meeting. Timely and fully presented application and supporting documents increases the application success rate significantly while a possibility to apply to several universities/study programmes at the same time gives a luxury to choose from several invitations to study.

Complimentary Information for Decision Making

UAN offers more than just study abroad counselling in order to educate the students, to convince their parents and provide sufficient information to make the decisions.

Being a registered student with UAN , you will have the opportunity to talk to various alumni's or student council members or the key personnel's with the universities to get a clear picture on what to expect and what not to expect while selecting a particular university or education institution or a course with them. This way there is no margin of errors and it proves to be another scale to show the level of transparency UAN can provide.

The newsletters with UAN will be ringing all the updates and essentials you need to understand with the global education trends, updates on what exactly is in demand and tips to shape a better future with the best you can have.

Location Independent Services

UAN offers multiple online solutions to get the consultations, meet the representatives of universities without leaving home or school. UAN takes out the system where you have to go out and meet a consultant in your current location and advance them with the essential sum and wait for their reply or call with the updates on admission or further processing. Also, the student's physical presence for a test is not essential for processing his/her application.

Besides, the students can look up for any sort of help with the UAN student relations department any time round the clock. You can either call them up or instigate a live chat with them for any updates you need with relevance to your application or for scheduling counselling or mentoring session with any of the featured agents with UAN.

Post-Admission Services

UAN is also empanelled with the relevant service providers who will ensure that your travel process and all the arrangements for your university accommodations are sort out on a comfortable note. This ensures that the student doesn't feel lost in the middle of application and travelling arrangements. The students will also be equipped with the best possible after sales services like internship options, higher studies options, placements, etc. to help them be the best in our watch. These are the true value additions UAN intends to serve its students along with providing a flawless service.


Free Seminars and Training on e-Webinars Platform

UAN compliments its traditional services with e-learning opportunities. Weekly webinars about the most wanted specialisations, presentations of universities, study programmes and admission requirements, training on how to write motivation letter or perform at the interview is a part what UAN does online.

Virtual Open Education Fairs

UAN organises Virtual Open Fairs to provide the Student with a opportunity to meet numerous global leaders in education sector. Virtual Open Education Fairs connects you with the Educators from all over the world where you can communicate with the representatives directly.

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