UAN connects educators with education consultants and students, and expands global reach by introducing innovative e-marketing solutions

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UAN is a student recruitment platform that comes up with a highly customisable subscription plan that will help the Education Consultants to expand their global network of Educators, to run effectively recruitment business and broaden marketing solutions for international students recruitment. This way the Education Consultants can focus on more specialised activities of their business like consulting applicants with more competences acquired, to choose the best courses, interviewing the applicants, etc.The membership is free and charged only on business results (commission from the enrolled students).


An access
o entire Education Consultants’ network; diversification
f applications
nd enrolment

We offer to expand the network of agents using UAN network, to choose the countries and Education Consultants themselves from our UAN partners and diversify the applications and enrolled students in the courses.

UAN is an International university- agent networks that responsibly selects and verifies the Educators and not the student nor Education Consultant shall be worried about diploma mills or not recognized courses. Additionally, having wide network of Educators on board we are able to offer the best study fit to nearly all applicants depending on their preferences, financial resources and educational background. We give the opportunity to verify the Education Consultants additionally, personally train them on the courses and admission requirements, and admit only those students who meet the prerequisites. In this way we aim to create efficient, transparent and responsible network of universities and agents.


Each UAN Educator has its own profile with the list of courses, additionally exposed promotional materials on UAN intranet (ERP) so the students and/or Education Consultants can learn about more.

Unlimited course listing, upload
f promotional materials

We grant the Educators to publish unlimited number of the courses the students may choose from, supported with course descriptions, admission requirements, videos and other promotional materials so our Students can have full information about the offers to choose from.

One time entry will give an access of the study programmes to all your approved Education Consultants to have full information and consult the students accordingly.

Verified (only) students’ applications which meet your individual requirements

The competitive advantage of UAN is pre-screening of all applications and supporting documents before they reach the Educator’s application system. In this way enrolment managers benefit from only qualified applications, save time on their review, communication on missing documents and reduces bulk emails flow.

Personal UAN manager

We assign a member of our internal team to work with each our partner, and who is the first person to contact, to spread information within the network, consult and solve Educator’s queries, to proceed the applications coming from different UAN agents, etc.

So instead of communicating with number of individual agents or students, you will have only one contact at UAN who knows about the institution and courses as much as its own employee.

nd offline promotion
f UAN universities

Within UAN we organise numerous events (info seminars, education fairs, webinars, agents workshops, etc.) and by promoting them to the students and Education Consultants we promote our UAN Educators online and offline.

Market insights
nd marketing assistance
o promote university
n UAN covered markets

UAN works tightly with Educators, Education Consultants and the Students therefore we all together generate collected knowledge about individual markets: from internal education system to student’s preferences and behaviour while choosing studies abroad. And we are ready to share it among our partners for mutual benefits of business results.

Free online
nd on-site agents workshops, meetings
ith Education Consultants, Students

UAN organises events to present new Education Consultants to our partner Educators, and vice versa. Being a part of network, we are able to bring different current and prospective partners to one event, and the Educator may present the institution to several agents or groups of students at once instead of talking to each other individually.

n organising business visits abroad (organising meetings
ith Education Consultants
nd Students,

If an Educator travels abroad for various purposes and has a couple of hours of free time, we recommend to use it efficiently: to meet our UAN Education Consultants in person, to visit our offices, to make a seminar to prospective students. UAN personal manager will assist in all the organisational works and even suggests accommodation, internal logistics, etc.

Hosting FAM trip

At least once a year UAN Education Consultants go on FAM trips to visit the Educators they are working with. FAM trip is a perfect opportunity to present campus to the partners, to show study, research, accommodation facilities and to strengthen personal relationship. On UAN FAM trips university bares only on campus costs if any and of own choice only (coffee break, lunch, sightseeing, etc.).


Free access
he online platform to organise webinars

UAN has developed complimentary platform for e-marketing solutions in the international students’ recruitment sector. We encourage the Educators to use the Webinars platform to train, to promote study programmes, explain admission requirements, etc.) to prospective and current UAN Education Consultants and/or UAN students.

Webinars can also be used outside the UA Network with discount.

Free access
o participate
t UAN Virtual Open Fair (1/

UAN organises Virtual Open Fairs to increase global reach and meet the students from distant areas without leaving the office. UAN partners may participate at 1 UAN Virtual Open Fair per year for free (to have 1 virtual booth).

Participation in other VOFs with discount.

Free access
he online platform
o conduct
one-to-one e
o prospective students

Marketing or enrolment managers can organise one-to-one meetings with prospective Students and Education Consultants using e-Counselling platform instead of using software.

Additional exposure
f Educators
ia UAN events promotion

UAN promotes Webinars, Virtual Open Fairs to prospective students, therefore the Educator receives complimentary marketing on the VOF website, social media banners, etc.

New students leads
he UAN events

The Students targeted UAN events bring numerous students from different countries. Participating in UAN events not only increases the visibility of the Educator but also leads to direct contact with prospective students.


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