UAN connects education consultants with educators and students, and expands global reach by introducing
innovative e-marketing solutions and a tool to optimise recruitment business

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UAN has come up with a highly customisable subscription plan that will help the Education Consultants to expand their global network of Educators, to run effectively recruitment business and broaden marketing solutions for international students recruitment. This way the Education Consultants can focus on more specialised activities of their business like consulting applicants with more competences acquired, to choose the best courses, interviewing the applicants, etc. The membership costs only 1000 euros per year and is covered by the commission from UAN Educators based on individual business results (commission from the enrolled students).


An Access to Entire Education Consultants’ Network; Diversification of Student’s Choice and Enrolment

We offer to expand the network of educators using UAN network, to choose the countries and Educators themselves from our UAN partners and to increase enrolments by satisfying the applicants’ demand for global education.

UAN responsibly selects and verifies the Educators and not the student nor Education Consultant shall be worried about diploma mills or not recognised courses. Additionally, having wide network of Educators on board we are able to offer the best study fit to nearly all applicants depending on their preferences, financial resources and educational background

Profile on

Each UAN Education Consultant has its own profile in this way this also tends to give them better rating among the agency ranking. Such agencies will also tend to pop up during the student search quiet often thus generating new students leads.

Commission for Enrolled Students to UAN Universities

We understand that one of the most important sources of the revenues comes from the commission for enrolled students and we do not eliminate it nor restrict our UAN partners to charge the students for their services. Moreover, we develop this network for our mutual benefits and business growth.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Portal for Entire Automation and Management of Application Process:

iocn Complete end-to-end automation of the recruitment process,
iocn An alert mechanism that ensures no application deadline or update is missed,
iocn Extensive document uploading facility to submit all required certificates and files of an applicant,
iocn Pre-evaluation process wherein an application will be checked for basic requirements for course eligibility without bearing application cost,
iocn Facility for applying to multiple universities for one student from a single page,
iocn Re-activation facility of old or archived applications at any given point in time,
iocn Facilitates the Agent to track all the documentation activities of the students,
iocn A friendly course finder to pick the right choice of study programmes from UAN universities,
iocn Live interaction facility with university personnel,
iocn Customised training,
iocn Branding and promotions for enhanced market reach,
iocn Technical assistance.

Increased Success Rate of Applications

At UAN we strive to make the best study offer for each applicant. Knowing admission requirements of each UAN Educator and priorities of each applicant, we suggest the best match(es), make sure to submit full application with all supporting documents, therefore we minimise the fail rate and increase the success ratio of your business.


UAN has a vision of long-term business therefore it is important to us that every partner would be on the same page with us. UAN invests a lot on the training of our partners, we organise workshops of the best practises, present UAN Educators and engage them to be active in promoting their competitive advantages directly to your counsellors.

Online and Offline Promotion of UAN Education Consultants

Within UAN we organise numerous events (info seminars, education fairs, webinars, agents workshops, etc.) and by promoting them to the students and the Educators we promote our UAN partners online and offline.

Personal UAN Manager

We assign a member of our internal team to work with each our partner, and who is the first person to contact, to get the training from, to spread information within the network, consult and solve Agent’s queries, to proceed the applications going to different Educators, etc.

So instead of communicating with number of individual universities, you will have only one contact at UAN who knows about all UAN Educators, their courses and admission requirements to get the best offers for your clients.

Market Insights and Marketing Assistance to Promote UAN Partners

UAN works tightly with Educators, Education Consultants and the Students therefore we all together generate collected knowledge about individual markets: from education system to career prospectives. And we are ready to share it among our partners for mutual benefits of business results.

Free Online and On-Site Agents’ Workshops, Meetings with Educators

UAN organises events to meet current and new UAN Educators and start new cooperation. Being a part of network, we are able to bring different current and prospective partners to one event, and the Educator may present the institution to several your employees or groups of your students at once increasing competitive advantage and creditability of your business in front of the others.

Hosting FAM Trip

At least once a year UAN invites Education Consultants to go on FAM trips to visit the UAN Educators they are working with. FAM trip is a perfect opportunity to see campus, study, research, accommodation facilities in your own eyes, to meet your referred students and to strengthen personal relationship with admission offices.


Free Access to the Online Platform to Organise Webinars

UAN has partnered with various platforms to provide a complete student recruitment solution package for its partners. We encourage the Education Consultants to use the Webinars platform to promote partner Educators and their study programmes, explain admission requirements, etc. to prospective students.

UAN membership plan covers 3 webinars per year free of charge and the rest with 50 % discount.

Free Access to the Online Platform to Conduct one-to-one e-Counselling to Prospective Students

UAN counsellors can organise one-to-one online meetings with prospective Students using e-Counselling platform and reaching more clients and their family members in remote areas thus expanding the area of services.

Free Access to Participate at UAN Virtual Open Fair

UAN organises Virtual Open Fairs to increase global reach and meet the students from distant areas. Each Education Consultant may visit the virtual booths of the exhibiting educators free of charge, and if you want to have your own booth at the fair, you can obtain it with discount.

Note, that our UAN Educators value local representation therefore most of them tend to pass the students’ leads to UAN consultants.

Additional Exposure of Education Consultants via UAN Events Promotion

UAN promotes Webinars, Virtual Open Fairs to prospective students, therefore the UAN partner receives complimentary marketing on the VOF website, social media banners, etc.

New Students’ Leads from the UAN Events

The Students targeted UAN events bring numerous students from different countries. UAN is built in a way that every partner does its own work the best therefore we guarantee new student leads after each event.

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