UAN connects educators with education consultants and students, and expands global reach by introducing innovative e-marketing solutions

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We are proud to have dozens of Educators (universities, colleges, language schools, etc.) who recruit international students in our UA Networks. With UAN we want to make international recruitment easier, more efficient and transparent.

Advance agents training, careful examination of admission prerequisites, one window communication, automated application processing software, pre-screening of applications before their submission to you are thought through actions to minimise your time spent on the review of numerous applications that do not meet your requirements, to increase the number of applications to promoted programmes and courses, to save time in planning business trips to target countries and make them more efficient combining numerous events at the same time visit. In addition, supported software enables automation of several marketing actions and communication with agents. Online marketing platforms offered by e-Scheduler saves budget spent for other webinars platforms to reach targeted students and to reach them in various countries from your office.


Competent Agent Resources

UAN allows the Educators to access a list of more than 800 education consultants in 12 regions and select the best, suitable and verified ones that perfectly match their competency mapping and meet the target markets in terms of students’ recruitment.

The strength of UAN is the know-how of growing respectful, long-term oriented international education consultants, transfer of knowledge and values acquired through numerous trainings by UAN and other acknowledged international education and recruitment networks.

Those who have been with UAN for more than 2 years, worked efficiently and ethically and undergone through additional training are called UAN Certified Education Consultants therefore at the moment of choosing the partners, you may look at our internal reputation ranking and make the best decisions.

Efficient Communication Network

UAN has developed the best in the field Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for education consultants which can also be used by the Educators. With ERP, we automate the information flows within the network.

One-window communication (through ERP or email) enables efficient and timely spread of information with one entry only, let it be promotional brochures, additional requirements for specific course, last call for the applications, pre-arrival information, etc. UAN communication network allows to diversify information based on target country or even the city and the latter becomes handy planning business trip to a target country or a city, to invite partner agents or students to the meetings or seminars and ERP allows to organise the meetings in a few clicks.

f Events
n Target Countries

Road trips, agents workshops, agents and students’ visits to the campus is a part of traditional agents relationship marketing, and UAN encourages cooperation and trust based cooperation.

Since UAN has a wide spread network of education consultants in many countries, we assist partner Educators to make the visits to the targeted country easier and more efficient. Event coordination team connects to UAN agents in the country, organises the meeting venue, invites prospective students, and offers entry examinations facilities. If you are new in this country, we may advise you on accommodation, internal logistics and other tips (and we do not charge for it nor receive the commissions from the hotels).

Collected Expertise & Benchmarking

Having more than decade of experience in international education market UAN strives to minimise the challenges Educators are facing in a very competitive environment and assists them by offering collected expertise, markets intelligence data, global network of agents and automated services. Our team consists not only of admission specialists but also former employees of universities to understand and adapt the services to your requirements. Sales and marketing specialists work in targeted countries to benchmark the market and to offer the best fit solutions while technical team strives to automate daily processes and make the routine simpler at no time-cost to your employees.

Applications Management

UAN incorporates the model of assistance through internal departments, and UAN’s Admission support team guarantees that UAN education consultants are aware of entire admission and enrolment process from courses offer and admission requirements to enrolments, visa procedures and arrivals. Therefore, UAN Educators can be sure they will not receive ineligible/fake applications and will not waste time for their review and communication as UAN pre-screens all applications and supporting documents before they reach application systems or emails. This solution gives time to focus only on motivated applicants meeting individual admission prerequisites.

-Marketing Solutions

UAN is proud to be associated with one of the first online events tool designed for the international education market, and now we offer several e-marketing solutions under the e-Scheduler platform. e-Scheduler allows the Educators to perform agents training online, to conduct webinars to prospective students on whatever topic or study programme, to gather their own webinars participants and invite prospective new ones from registered users. e-Scheduler organises Virtual Open Fairs and has a vision to be a tool to conduct online examination and motivation interviews.

With UAN, Educators can be promoted, endorsed and enhanced with more business opportunities and direct students’ leads via UAN verified agents and a mix of other online and offline solutions.


UAN cares about each partner individually. Even though we unite big network of Educators and Education Consultants, personalisation and individual assistance are the key tools to reach individual goals and expectations of each partner and to keep the network efficient and competitive. Personal UAN manager is assigned to each our partner to set individual KPIs in terms of recruitment, together they decide on individual marketing solutions, carefully select Education Consultants, review admission requirements, target countries, applicants’ profile and so on. Personal UAN manager is one-window to the marketing solutions, applications processing and students’ enrolments. The filters installed into UAN processes, enable our partners to enjoy satisfaction in all its services that projects nothing but business conversions in the desired time.

Quality Standards

The last but not the least to say is that UAN is a long-term business-oriented company and your trustful partner when it comes to
iocn efficient marketing and global reach,
iocn relationship management with the agents and the most important,
iocn diversified and quality students.

We build our success on transparent spread of information, offering the students to choose the best fit of the programme/university/country. UAN new initiatives require time and investment but we are ready to suffer today’s profit for the growth of the network and sustainability in the future.

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