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At UAN, we believe that quality is what drives the business to success. For the same, we intend to enrich our education consultant’s fraternity with a fully geared, certified, reliable and highly professional business network. This kind of service orientation can be imparted only by consistent quality checks, analysis, cross verification, testing, dedicated knowledge sharing programmes and trainings intending to mould a normal agent into a fully charged professional recruitment unit. This helps the pool of educators and newly registering students, to see through your profile and seek your services frequently.

UAN verified Education Consultant benefit from

 access to UAN Educators’ network

 global choice of studies for their students

 automation of entire recruitment business through ERP

 online and offline marketing solutions

 UAN events (seminars, webinars, fairs, road shows, FAM trips, etc.)

 new student leads

 training by UAN experts and UAN Educators themselves

 quality standards

Apply to become UAN Education Consultant:

 Fill in Education Consultant application form
 UAN board reviews the application and contacts you within 5 working days and will schedule online interview with the UAN panel member
 Membership decision and official membership agreement
 Training and workshop to Consultants management and key counsellors by UAN board
  Certificate of verified UAN Education Consultant

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Mr. Garry Menjes
Agents Relationship Manager

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