Summer/Winter Courses

Summer winter courses (SWS) is a nontraditional learning curriculum, scheduled for a short season and doesn't quiet follow the normal structured routines of a class room. It leaves room for a lot of experimentation, innovation and urges, the students pursuing such sessions to ooze out creativity in every minute they spend for such a learning activity. SWS courses are intense and the durations may vary from two to eight weeks.

The basic objective of SWS is to bring in a variety. For the same, the colleges that offer such courses comes with wide range of specializations and bring in a mix diverse group of students by inviting them from various colleges to apply . This ensures that the sessions are always live and is filled with diverse learning groups with different opinions. This will also kick in the necessary intellectual sessions by bringing in potential professionals, artists, teachers, scholars and experts from across the globe to meet and teach under one platform. SWS with various institutes will also be backed by the in house faculties to host such enriching sessions. The SWS sessions will be complied with workshop sessions, installation oriented sessions, travel and opportunities that enable the students to acquire specific set of skills.

The host faculties of the SWS institutes generally give their prospective students the essential orientation and help to make them understand the nature of various courses and specializations that would guide them to make appropriate choices.

Range of SWS courses

Depending on the different department of the institution. For example Arts, Business, Engineering, Science, Health, Biomedicine etc.
Courses meeting different cultural requirements.
Courses meeting reading and composition requirements.
Online courses.
Foreign language courses.
Evening courses.
Field study courses.
Acting courses/Cinematic related courses.

The major benefit of SWS

  1. Lower student to teacher ration.The Netherlands

  2. Shorter time frame to complete a course or a unit or even a session.

  3. Faster completion of credit points.

  4. Opportunity to repeat or improve failed units to catch up with the following semesters.

  5. Flexible schedules for the courses.

  6. Highly interactive and bound by more of brainstorming sessions, practical sessions and skill enhancement opportunities.


With UAN, students can access more than 5000 universities and educational institutions across the world that offers SWS courses. The courses are comparatively cheaper and more competent than the normal scheduled one's with the institutions. The students can access unlimited information of such courses and institutions offering s, depending on the country of their choice.

This platform also enables UAN to mix up fun, learning, travel, tourism and skilled experiences to its prospective students. This would for sure keep them wanting more of such learning experiences through UAN.

The essential mentoring and counseling on request for SWS courses will be done by our specially trained consultants or the institutional representatives directly. The student will also go through a certain set of procedures to get through with the admission activity of various SWS courses. The post admission activities of SWS courses with the relevant host countries will always be taken care of by the credible service providers contracted to work with UAN. This ensures an ease of operation for the student, starting from the application process to travel and stay with the relevant university or educational institution.

Such courses may also open up new ventures for students, like an opportunity to pursue an internship in the same country, job or even a scholarship into one of their regular courses with the institutions.

UAN thus enables the students through various SWS courses to expand their degree of learning, opportunities for close interaction with large group of talented students, practitioners, professionals, scholars and academicians. We also ensure that SWS courses from various universities generate a platform for our students to experience multi cultural interactions and learning in every step through their various sessions. SWS with UAN also generate an open platform for any students from different backgrounds to pick up a specialization or a language or a course and learn them to be a certified professional in the same within a short span. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd