Insurance Services

UAN understands the risks of various services rendered to its students and patrons. So we highly emphasize that all our client's travel and related services are safe and secured at all times through UAN. This is where the insurance service providers come in handy with UAN.

We are affiliated with a lot of renowned insurance companies and patrons to provide its valuable custom services to meet all our students, agents and educator requirements while travelling and staying abroad. It is quiet imperative for the students to have the essential insurance covers to get through the admission process and also to engage in their academic activities within a risk free environment. It could be an illness or an accident or theft. The level of security in terms of insurance and customization of the same is highly recommended to any one visiting a foreign destination.

Foreseeing such adversities, UAN in association with various insurance companies and service providers has come up with a lot of customizable solution for its students and patrons wishing to travel quiet often under the portal's purview. Ranging from student health insurance coverage while studying abroad, travel insurance for students, travel insurance for agent s, insurance for trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage loss, travel insurances for emergencies away from home , travel medical insurances etc. have been covered by the insurance service providers subscribed with UAN.


The plans are pretty much a profitable option for the student, which enables them to save even up to 70% over many school plans that are available abroad. Choices of different coverage levels will be made available to the students and patrons so that, they can find the right plan that fits into their budget and requirements. The portal also facilitates instant confirmation and ID card for all such insurance subscription made by the clients via mail, which will help them in providing the schools that requires such proof of insurance coverage to process student admission and visa. It's completely handled by the insurance service providers and will be send to the relevant schools or university in a few business days. All such insurance can be renewed by the UAN agents or students online and for even up to 4 years.

The students and other patrons, who choose to travel to various universities or educational institutions abroad, get to select the best insurance consultant empanelled with UAN based on their previous client testimonials, recommendation and more importantly based on their ratings with us. The portal enables the users to access such services by logging into their respective accounts and access a wide range of travel insurance services that are made available by UAN within the insurance tab.

For such service providers, UAN is an excellent platform to foray their insurance services into education sector with a new set of global target audience. This automates and promotes their business through the UAN service provider business centre with an optimum mix of offline and online strategies.

If at all for any grievances, or mishaps with the insurance services facilitated by UAN, or for its service providers, the clients can contact UAN's 24/7 support, for immediate assistance.

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