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A journey, even to the smallest or longest distances always requires prior arrangements accordingly. This can be a little complicated and tedious when the travel and stay is for a longer period, especially in the case of academics with a foreign university. The agenda of criteria's and check lists could be endless. But UAN helps you knock that off your shoulders.

When a student, registered with UAN opts for a university via its services, they definitely come back to us for post admission activities like travel, accommodations etc. For the same UAN is associated and empanelled with certified travel consultant, airlines, visa consultants, immigration consultants and ticketing agencies. This kind of service providers, tied up with UAN will be the top notch players in their relevant industry backed by their essential ratings in the global market. Once the student gets the admissions through, they can very well get connected with a certified travel consultant or the respective agent for the services they require, through the UAN portal.

With UAN, there will be service providers, who would take care of the entire travel process, right from the visa, tickets, to airport pick up and drop. There will also be independent consultants who specialize in certain verticals of travel activities like airlines, visa, and immigration etc independently. The student can choose to work either way as a package or customize their travel plan according to the best rates they can possibly get from different service providers within UAN.


The travel consultants in this network reduces the physical burden of the candidate to do all the paper works except for the essentials like the embassy interviews, if any. Rest of the documentation and parameters, in the checklist will be done by the respective consultants either online or by sending the hard copies via courier for processing. The promptness of the service providers with UAN is assured to be the best in class.

The best part about the travel consultants with UAN is that, they are all linked from different part of the world catering to different regions of their expertise. So their delivery of services could be very quick, as they won't need much time or introductions to get in touch with the right person for the right services at the right time to expedite things the easiest way possible.

The travel service providers with UAN will always be serving the students with the best rates, especially when it comes to airline fares and service costs, as they are in direct contract with the end providers for special rates on reservations and also for lump sum booking for an intake to a same location. Besides, these service providers are also accessible to last minute bookings and services of any kind, on an urgent note unlike your normal domestic ticketing or travel consultants.

Above all, the travel consultant's associated here will, all specialized in serving the specific services for its students, agents and universities. So without much explanations or delay in briefing, they get to know the specific services and essentials required for the students, as they have been in this vertical long enough to leave no room for any mistakes or doubts. This ensures that such consultants with UAN provide the essential value additions to its clients. If at all for any grievances, or mishaps with the travel services facilitated by UAN, the students, agents or the universities can always contact UAN's 24/7 support, for immediate assistance.

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