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Technological advancements in the field of education are a norm now. However, the field of overseas education has yet to evolve. Observing a lack of such automation UAN has now entered the market with a cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. ERP is a fully automated interactive platform for Education Consultants, Educators and Students participating in global education sector to communicate with each other and avail services in real time.

UAN verified Education Consultant gets access to a highly automated and customised software to communicate with partner universities and students, to submit, track and analyse applications, to receive the best content and economic study offer, and to manage business performance in real time independently from the number of offices or branches.


iocn Unlimited number of users under one platform of the Education Consultant

iocn Complete end-to-end automation of the recruitment process

iocn A friendly course finder to pick the right choice of study programmes from UAN educators

iocn Facility for applying to multiple universities for one student from a single page

iocn An alert mechanism that ensures no application deadline or update is missed

iocn Extensive document uploading facility to submit all required certificates and files of an applicant

iocn Pre-evaluation process wherein an application will be checked for basic requirements for course eligibility without bearing application cost

iocn Re-activation facility of old or archived applications at any given point in time

iocn Facilitates the counsellors to track all the documentation activities of their students

iocn Real time statistics and KPIs sorting by educator, application status, course, country, etc.

iocn Automated invoicing for commission

iocn Live interaction facility with university personnel

iocn Branding and promotions for enhanced market reach

iocn One window communication

To make sure all the functions of ERP are used, UAN gives extensive training to all employees of the Education Consultant and provides technical assistance during the daily routine.


iocn Finding new partners

iocn Marketing and promotional campaigns

iocn Recruiting students

iocn Counselling / Pre-admission process

iocn Application and admission support

iocn Assistance for Accommodation support

iocn Assistance for Post landing services

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