The Path towards Future: Study in Finland, July 02, 2019 at 01:00 PM

So you're thinking of studying abroad, but you want to venture off the beaten path? We’ve got one word for you: Finland! It may not be large in size when compared to other countries, but it is large on benefits for international students. Stunning natural beauty and laid-back cities, a strong focus on research and innovation, a good selection of world-class universities and a commitment to offering higher education free of charge…It's easy to see why many international students choose to study in Finland.

Finland recently claimed the #14 spot on US News & World Report’s “Best Countries for Education” ranking. In addition to being home to many high-quality higher education institutions, Finland prioritizes hands-on learning, research, and innovation aimed at improving quality of life.

Nowadays, you can hardly open the news without hearing about Finland's marvelous education system, and the country deserves its reputation. Finland repeatedly ranks in the top five for PISA scores; Finns borrow more library books than any other country in the world. The university is working its way to the top of the ranking and employs instructors who are also esteemed researchers, making it a smart choice for ambitious international students.

Finland's well-educated population is also extremely fluent in English. Last year, the country ranked #4 in the Education First English Proficiency Index, and Finland's universities offer around 450 programs in English. While international students are encouraged to learn Finnish during their studies, students have access to courses at different levels in English.

And, if world-class education and stunning natural beauty isn't enough, then Finland has one more ace up its sleeve. The capital of Finland is the second safest city in the world and has been named the most livable city in the world. Outside the city crime rates are remarkably low. So if you are now sold on Finland, you may be wondering which universities you can recruit students to Finland. Partner with UAN and we will provide you an automated process to recruit students to reputed universities in this amazing country. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd