Europe is home to many of the world's oldest and most prestigious colleges with a lengthy his tory of pioneering greater education and many of the most interesting and appealing student t owns. There are many destinations to choose from for international students who want to study abroad.  Europe offers all the benefits of studying abroad and is the best destination for international students for the many reasons. Why should you study an Engineering degree in Europe? Because when you say Europe, you instantly think about safe and modern roads, the best cars in the world and all sorts of technological innovations. All these are the result of vast research and developments in the Engineering and Technology field made in Europe. So, it’s quite obvious for any international student who looks for an Engineering degree to first consider his or her Master’s degree in Europe. Most universities, colleges, and Engineering schools in Europe (especially the public universities) charge low or even no tuition fees to all international students worldwide.

Lots of organizations in Europe offer scholarships to international students. These include universities, research organizations, government organizations and corporations to name a few. Engineering scholarships are either dedicated to cover student’s tuition fees (if needed) or to support at least a part of student’s monthly financial costs, such as accommodation, study materials, etc. Europe is one of the top destinations on the list of non-English speaking countries with a large popularity among international students. This is due to the fact that most engineering schools in Europe offer Master's programmes in English specifically dedicated to foreign students. All study degrees have high academic standards including for Engineering and Technology specialisations. European technical universities are always present in all reputed university rankings, but they are also acknowledged for their important contributions in the Engineering field. If student’s want to study an Engineering Master's in Europe, the cost of living is lower compared to many places abroad. Students can limit their expenses to as low as 700 EUR per month in some of the European countries. Europe has always been a leader in state-of - the-art studies. European universities and study centres have always worked intimately with businesses and sectors, building close symbiotic and strategic relationships. This provides interesting possibilities for learners to use the abilities they learn to address real-life issues in engineering degree courses. The beauty of Europe is that it offers so much choice. With world-class universities, higher education institutions and research institutes, offering 100,000s of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD/Doctoral programmes, plus short- term study opportunities, students can choose the experience that suits them. Are you an ambitious researcher looking to boost your career? Europe offers you great opportunities. There were 1.58 million full time equivalent researchers in the EU-27 in 2009. Over the next decade, the European Union is actively looking to attract an additional 1 million researchers! As a technical student, what you need more?

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