If you want to study in a varied nation with an outstanding academic reputation, France will be your best bet. It is one of the most famous locations for studying, making it ideal for students from around the world. More than 250,000 international students have moved to France for the sole purpose of higher education. In reality, around 10 percent of French university enrolments are global students, many of whom are graduate students. The nation provides all global students an outstanding atmosphere and high class infrastructure and academic curriculum that enables the university graduates to be fully prepared for a successful future.

France is the world's fifth biggest economy, with tourism contributing significantly to its economy. Besides being the top holiday destination for many, France is also emerging as one of the most favored and upcoming research locations for international students. At present, it is the world's fourth most famous research location. Paris, the world's fashion capital, is also France's capital. With its cultural heritage, France is wealthy. Its beautifully designed architectural structures, such as the Eifel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, etc., are the center of attraction for everyone. France also includes fascinating landscapes, farms, rivers, beautiful meadows and more. One of the finest in the globe is the French higher education system. It's one of the most accessible, too. Studying in France with low tuition fees is more economical for global students. Every year, French universities are close to the top of prestigious university rankings. Their organizations provide an education that competes readily with other nations.

France is especially a good option for those who want to study topics linked to companies. The nation is a hub for international business and management education, and has many business schools in the rankings around the world.

France has 71 public universities, all financed by the national government, providing all students, domestic or foreign, with outstanding education at a very low cost. A number of private universities also exist. The academic year, depending on the program and organization, starts in September or October and finishes in May or June. There are two semesters, separated by a break at the end of the first semester following final examinations. Participation in segments & laboratories is usually compulsory. Some career-oriented programs also involve practical training and internships.

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