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Forensic science is a subject that fascinates most of our younger generation. It is major study of science and criminal justice. The increasing number of criminals and the rapid growth in crime rate increased the scope of Forensic Science exponentially. There are lots of job opportunities in the field of Forensic Science. Once you have decided with the study program the next big thing is the university and country you want to study, to build your career and life. The advancement in technology and features makes USA one of the prime destinations to study Forensic Science.

With a population of nearly 327 million people, and spanning six time zones, America is the world’s third largest country. Consistently named as one of the world’s richest countries, the US offers many opportunities for international students.

Forensic science is a field that is most commonly related to the solving of crimes, and is often depicted as this in popular culture. However, the discipline is far more complex and interesting than that. It deals with biology, physics, psychology and chemistry.

An undergraduate degree in forensic science will give you a foundation of knowledge in the area. You will be given opportunities to develop your understanding of chemistry and biological science, DNA analysis and interpretation, and forensic evidence. Your degree might also provide chances to practice your crime scene investigation and practical skills, ensuring that you are well prepared for your future career. The course includes lectures and seminars, as well as practical and laboratory sessions. The placement modules give the experience of working as a forensic scientist.

Depending on choice of study, there are options to specialize towards the end of your degree. This specialization will help to choose where to work after the graduation. Common specializations include:

  • Forensic Biology
  • Fire Investigation
  • Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Laboratory Analysis

Your degree course requires you to write a dissertation in your final year, this will give you a chance to further research and explore a favoured area of forensic science. It's essential for you to gain laboratory work experience in order to prove you have the necessary skills, such as attention to detail and accuracy. Work experience is more likely to be found in a scientific or hospital laboratory than a forensic setting due to the sensitive nature of the work. UAN facilitates you with such universities where you can build your career. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd