Study Engineering in Netherlands, Sep 13, 2019 at 09:40 AM

With a population of 17 million people fewer than 12 provinces Netherlands is one of the most densely populated country in Europe. The Netherlands is currently pursuing a strong internationalization policy in the same vein and is seeking to attract increasing numbers of global learners and immigrants. In order to nurture an outward-looking and intercultural skilled citizenry to strengthen the position of the nation as a knowledge economy, the nation believes internationalization essential.

The Dutch education system is totally different to that of a country like the UK! In the Netherlands, there are several educational paths a student can choose to pursue their education and the country has stepped up its global recruitment efforts in latest years. One latest instance was the so-called' Make it in the Netherlands ' initiative, initiated in 2014 as a cooperative attempt by the Netherlands government, businesses and colleges to' maintain skilled global learners for the Netherlands job market' and' promote the shift from research to work for global learners'

The engineering industry of Netherlands has been and continues to be a world innovator that, if you plan to study engineering, you simply cannot overlook. Engineering is a very well-developed field in the Netherlands with branches from robotics to building design, from sustainable development to aeronautics. To put it shortly, Engineering has become very important in the modern world and the Netherlands knows it. And studying engineering there has a lot of incentives to get you on board

The Netherlands provides high-quality Bachelor programs in Engineering Most Netherlands universities offering engineering degrees are recognized as top academic organizations nationally and internationally. The study programmes are 4 years long and combine theory with practise for a better career formation. A general engineering degree is always a nice starting point. Such a Bachelor's program will provide you with a thorough overview of most engineering fields and will qualify you to work in fields such as construction and product development. Civil engineering, Industrial engineering, bachelors programme in robotics and electrical engineering are other most choose specializations.

This small European Union state is a global leader in producing (from design to manufacturing) high-tech equipment and products. It stands to reason that there are many employment options, and you won’t be pounding the pavement. The Netherlands is a strong supporter of public-private research and ‘open innovation’. So, you might be able to find companies and institutions to take you on board as a trainee or employee even while you are still studying. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd