Berlin is the capital and biggest town in Germany. This busy metropolis is one of the best locations you can choose to study overseas with many universities, its multicultural town life, varied cultural offerings and an exciting start-up scene. Berlin is home to some of the best universities in Europe.

Are you looking at some of the best universities in the globe for higher education? Then Berli n won't deceive you! Being a famous study location country, lots of young learners from various colleges, cultures and nations come to pursue their education thus making student life absolutely lively and interesting. Berlin's international student community improves your likelihood of meeting individuals from your home nation and learning about distinct cultures as well!Although it's located in Europe and capital of one of the most prosperous countries on the continent, it is still one of the least expensive countries for student education. Compared to New York or London, Berlin is said to be five times less expensive on average. Berlin also is a city of young people and students. Many young Germans want to come to Berlin for their studies and there are also a lot of foreign students coming to Germany and get excited for the atmosphere and the attitude towards life they find in Berlin.

Higher education is primarily financed by the state in Berlin and is literally free for both national and foreign learners.

  • It's the Start-up Capital of Europe
  • It's a City of the Arts
  • The Endless Travel Opportunities
  • The Low Cost of Living
  • It's Highly International

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