Reasons why Sweden can be the right study destination for you…, Sep 30, 2019 at 09:50 AM

Sweden, the world's most sustainable nation with the largest proportion of renewable energy in the EU, is a tremendous foreign research destination for learners interested in sustainable energy and preservation of the environment. Sustainability is at the core of Swedish customs and values, which is in keeping with its amazing natural scenery, including hills, beaches, nature reserves and park. The Swedish Institute, as well as a number of other top Swedish universities, offers global students scholarships based on ethnicity, merit and economic background to attract and sustain talented learners from around the globe. Sweden has a lengthy and proud history of academic excellence and is home to some of the best universities in the world, despite its comparatively tiny population. The entire Swedish higher education scheme is ranked among the best in the globe, and the Times Higher Education and the World Universities Academic Ranking rank several Swedish universities among the best in the world.

Sweden's education system seeks to impart creativity and research intensive abilities to learners have been the main driving factor for increasingly attracting global learners. In addition, extremely developed economy makes learning an uniquely useful learning experience in Sweden. In Sweden, the cost of living varies depending on where the students live. Monthly costs are around 8,000 SEK (800 Euros) on average across the nation. The hardest aspect of learning is finding accommodation in one of the large towns. There are not enough choices for student accommodation in some of the larger towns; however, there are websites where individuals are prepared to open their homes and apartments. The informal and non-hierarchical nature of Sweden delivers an chance for independent, creative and critical thought. Swedish universities encourage learners to come forward with thoughts and views that assist learners to open up to fresh perceptions.

Following are the reasons why International Students should study in Sweden:

  • Education System of Sweden makes the students more creative. Students get the ability to question looking at the new perspective and coming up with their opinions.
  • As it promotes study, work and settle, so students can easily get work permit as well as permanent residence after graduation.
  • International Student-friendly environment in Sweden as everyone speaks in English.
  • It is a safe country for International Students with good quality of life.

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