Most common myths on studying abroad, NOV 07, 2019 at 01:30 PM

It is often found that more than 50% of students who complete their preliminary education yearn to go abroad for their higher studies. Then why is it that only a small percentage of this population actually takes up studying abroad? Research has revealed that students are often misled by their peers or family members to believe that studying abroad is not a wise decision. These advisers are more often than not believers of certain common myths associated with overseas education. Let us look at a few of them here:

Studying abroad is only for the rich and wealthy Education whether local or international costs a certain amount especially when you are looking for professional courses such as Medical, Business Management, Engineering, etc. As opposed to common myth, studying abroad can be as affordable as or sometimes even more affordable than studying locally. Many countries in Europe and around the world even offer free education to international students thereby further reducing the education cost. With the right kind of mentoring and support you too can achieve the education of your dreams.

Overseas education is for MBA’s, International relations or language study enthusiasts We often hear about people getting their MBA’s from foreign universities or language experts with international certifications and this results in a very common but inaccurate summarization that international education is restricted to a few of these programs only. When in actuality the choice is limitless to what once can study and eventually increase the value of a student in the potential job market.

Studying abroad is mostly partying and having fun Mostly due to the image portrayed by TV shows, movies, etc studying abroad is assumed to be partying and having fun as opposed to actual studying and earning a degree. When in reality the curriculum of most international universities requires students to study hard regularly as the teaching methodology requires submission of assignments, projects, etc. The emphasis is given on actually learning the concepts and their real life implementations and is hence more useful in the long run.

It is compulsory to learn the language of the country I study in If you are taking up an English program at a foreign university then it is usually not required to know the local language of your chosen country of study. Most countries now a day’s have excellent international student programs that ensure that students coming from other nations get every possible support and guidance required thereby making the transition more convenient. It is essential for students to ensure that they make a thorough investigation of the pros and cons of all their available options if they plan to study abroad. Once that is done then you can be sure that it will most certainly be a memorable a rewarding time of your life! © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd