Is it always essential that every project or internship done by a student must have an academic or career implication? With the growing number of issues on our environment, public health, etc more and more number of students are focusing their time and energy into humanitarian projects simply because they care! Does this mean their career prospects are slim? Do companies take these students into consideration when recruiting? These questions need to be answered.

For every education filed there is always a volunteering option available that lets you support a humanitarian cause. As a student you get to put into practice everything you’ve learnt in a classroom environment and see its real life application. And not just that is actually contributing to a positive change n the process. Some of the options for such internship opportunities include:

Childcare Projects:

These can be taken up by student from any background and require helping children in developing countries. Essential the students would require to be working with children in kindergarten, school, and special needs centres or even care centres for young mothers.

Medical Internships:

For students from the medical fraternity internships such as these are a means to gain firsthand knowledge of the plaguing issues faced globally and to contribute to making a change. You could work with trained medical professionals in medical camps, health centres or care homes around the world.

Animal Conservation:

Working with nature and experiencing the wild side of it can be a rewarding experience. With the primary goal to conserve and protect endangered wild life and their habitats the final result is for a cleaner, safer and a more habitable planet. Internships in this field involve working with environmentalists, scientists and even people from the local communities.

These are just a few examples of internships focused on humanitarian causes however if we look around the options are truly limitless. Also companies today encourage such causes themselves and contribute to them via donations, charitable trusts and philanthropy’s so as to maintain a positive company/brand image. So having such projects/internships on your CV will definitely make you stand out from your peers and most definitely leverage your recruitment potential.

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