Why Study abroad in Czech - a Global Hotspot

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The Czech Republic, a cold place in Europe's midpoint with a strange love for ice hockey, but Czech Republic has more than that! Let’s find out what makes Czech the most desired destination for international students

Leading innovation hub!
Czech Republic is certainly something to watch in the near future, being a relatively small country in terms of geographical expansion Czech has been named as ‘Innovation Champion’ by the Consumer Technology Association. It’s been ranked the 10th most innovative country in the world! Criteria for evaluation included: ethnic diversity, percentage of immigrants, gender parity among older workers, personal and political freedom rates, average Internet speed, highly skilled workers, percentage of adults with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees, GDP spending on R&D, New business entries annually, one billion dollar worth companies, policies allowing people to fly drones (recreational/commercial purposes), ridesharing services, rentals, self driving tests, quality of air and water according to the population and usage

Affordable education
That's right – the perfect word for the Czech university tuition fees is ' affordable. ' In fact, let me rephrase that. The ideal word would be "great value for money" education. Czech Republic is definitely a hotspot on the European education stage, with university fees as low as € 1,000/year and considering the high overall quality of the curricula taught across the country. Furthermore, living costs are good compared to Western Europe (less than € 100 for a student room, € 1 for a bus ticket, € 2 for a coffee) with visually the same living conditions!

Train and be in just a few hours in any corner of Europe! How cool is that, right? Thanks in particular to Interrail and Ryanair, which allow students to travel to hundreds of destinations across Europe each year. So cool for them!

With the origins dating back to the 9th century (the Bohemian Duchy), Czech Republic has a lot to offer history enthusiasts. From ancient architecture to the country's actual culture, the Czech Republic is the right place to expand your horizons in European and foreign history.

Because… Prague!
The beautiful Czech capital of Prague is defined in two big adjectives: lively and welcoming! An ideal student city where you can feel at home no matter how far you are, there is always something to do and' boring' is the last word that comes into the minds of its citizens and residents as they express their thoughts on it. Concerts, bars and nightlife are great in general!
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