Photography is an international language with its own rules and ways of finding legitimacy. It can allegorize complex relationships, tell stories, and kindle emotions without using words. It influences the way we think and act and affects how we perceive the world. It’s ubiquitous and impossible to push out of your mind. As you can imagine, understanding photography as a medium and how to use it consciously is not only indispensable in artistic practice, but also in advertising and editorial occupations. You will become familiar with different photography styles, such as portrait, fashion, sculpture, and documentary, during your studies. This program oversees student’s individual development process and help them define their talents and strengths, while helping them develop their own visual signature. Depending on student’s personal career goals, they will select their own specialisations and choose from a range of interdisciplinary subjects. As a photography graduate, you will learn how to translate ideas and emotions into complex images under professional conditions.

Your career options with a degree in photography: Working with photos does not automatically mean students have to be an independent photographer. With a bachelor’s degree in Photography, a whole world of career options is open to them, including image editor, art buyer, retoucher, or curator. Of course, they can also work as a photographer within the advertising industry, for publications, corporate communications, and events, or as an artist. In most cases, they will work as a freelancer. Since the technical aspects of photography are becoming more and more accessible, being able to turn their ideas and feelings into visual concepts, to learn soft skills, self-marketing, and organizational talent, is required more today than ever before.

Why in Germany? Germany, known as the country of innovators, is the perfect place to get your degree. Germany is a particularly safe and liveable country with relatively low tuition fees and affordable living costs. In addition, Berlin is known as the creative capital of Europe, artists 'magnet, and designers' "place to be."
Germany is a paradise in higher education. In Germany, unlike any other country, you'll find several universities ranked worldwide, countless courses to choose from, globally coveted degrees that offer students a high level of employ-ability. Furthermore, Germany has a long and rich history, a vibrant and diverse culture combining the modern with the traditional, the urban and the rural that will immerse you and make you love every second you spend here.
Not surprisingly, for foreign students, Germany is ranked among the best destinations in the world. According to the latest official figures, there are more than 357,000 foreign students in Germany pursuing a university degree, whereas the number is increasing steadily.
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