Study Business from Budapest, Jan 21, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Hungary is an architectural treasure trove known for its spectacular scenery, sophisticated food and all 1,500 springs of thermal water. The thriving nightlife and music festivals in Hungary make this country a hugely popular place to be a student. Budapest is aesthetically attractive, and hosts some of the most famous universities in the country. Temperatures in Hungary range from -20 ° C to 39 ° C throughout the year, and given its small size, Hungary has several World Heritage Sites including Central Europe's largest lake, Lake Balaton and Europe's largest natural grassland, Hortobágy.

Business Administration is a branch of Business & Management that will teach you how to run a business or business plan, keep track of success and make crucial decisions that will lead to a better and more profitable business. Degrees in Business Administration are some of the most interdisciplinary academic programs that incorporate theoretical knowledge with practical solutions. When pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that are very useful in selling products, managing the company's financial health, analyzing performance data, keeping workers engaged, maintaining high productivity and making impactful business choices that drive outcomes.

A Business Administration program offers many advantages and opportunities for growth, but it will also involve you a lot. Most MBAs require substantial admission work experience, and as part of the application process, you will most likely have to provide GMAT exam grades. Universities look for committed, motivated students who will become tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

Compared to the rest of Western Europe, Hungary presents a very affordable place to study in terms of both tuition and cost of living, In the bigger cities like Budapest, they are naturally slightly higher with rents starting at around 300 Euros per month. You should be able to get by with around 750 Euros per month allowing enough not only for rent but also for public transportation, health insurance, study materials etc. and even allowing for a few nights out.

Budapest's lively Nightlife is famous worldwide. From the Szimpla kert with its unique atmosphere, through the dance bar of the friendly Morrisson to the huge high-end clubs like the White Angel and Studio Club, the nightlife of Budapest and the student parties in Hungary are a constant rush! Only make sure you don't miss out on the special events for international students, as these are renowned for their best parties.

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