ENGINEERING DEGREES ABROAD: Explore the spark of Tech-magic, FEB 28, 2020 at 11:30 AM

Engineering is a broad field, applying scientific and technical expertise for practical purposes in the design, study, and construction of structures, devices, systems, and other works. In ancient times, the idea of engineering started with the invention of the wheel and the pulley, inventions that used basic mechanical concepts to create practical structures and instruments. Engineering has since developed into a complicated set of mathematical and scientific concepts that are used to create practical solutions to technical problems. Scientifically, engineers work, but their goods meet societal needs via a commercial market.

The engineers must consider safety, expense, effectiveness and reliability when developing a new product. In an effort to maintain consistency, identify any defects and improve the current system or product, many engineers test products. Computers are important devices in the engineering profession, and are used for product design, simulation and control.

Engineering sub-disciplines & specializations: Students wanting to study an engineering degree can choose from one of the many sub-disciplines which exist within the field. Some engineering degree specializations include:

  • Aerospace Engineering - The design of aircrafts, spacecrafts, and related topics
  • Chemical Engineering – The use of chemistry, physics, math and economics to effectively use, produce, convert and transport products, materials, and resources
  • Material Engineering-Converting raw materials into usable commodities, and studying the structure, properties and performance of different materials
  • Civil Engineering-Designing and building public and private works, such as roads, bridges and buildings
  • Software Engineering - The design and development of software and operating systems
  • Electrical Engineering - Electrical systems architecture
  • Environmental Engineering - The science and technology used to develop solutions to environmental problems and improve the natural environment
  • Industrial Engineering - The study of the optimization of complex processes or systems
  • Mechanical Engineering - The creation and production of anything that is basically called a machine
  • Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering - Science of application of the principles of engineering to examine and overcome medical and biological problems
  • Sound Engineering - The technical aspects of producing sounds and music

What will I learn with an engineering degree?: Engineering degrees and their specific requirements differ considerably between universities. However, most professionals earn in an engineering specialty at a bachelor's degree, or may simply have strong academic background in mathematics or natural science. Curricular engineering typically often involves at least one, if not more, design course. Engineering technology is another common degree program that differs from the traditional engineering degrees in that students learn by applying engineering principles to design and manufacture rather than theoretical and research implementation through laboratory courses. It is essential for engineers to be continuously learning and keeping their skills up-to-date so they are aware of the latest developments and changing technology within the field.

Careers in engineering: In many countries, demand for qualified engineers is growing, primarily due to the increasing levels of competition in the commercial market between goods. This means engineers are required (depending on their area of expertise) to upgrade engineering processes and increase productivity. As a result of rapid technological development, many new engineering fields are evolving at a rapid pace, such as computer and software engineering, nanotechnology and molecular engineering, to name a few. This is an exciting time to be in the field of engineering, and there are many opportunities for an excellent education at prestigious universities around the world. Come and join UAN for an outstanding set of universities around Europe and enrol your students to the hot courses available over there!! © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd