UA – Networks Agent Workshop

ua-networks, July 13, 2018 at 11:30 AM

With UAN, the agents get the chance to work with multiple universities in one single agreement, access to a wide variety of service portfolios, support agent’s marketing and promotional activities etc. UA – Networks is a complete automated solution that makes the process of student recruitment much easier and efficient for the educators, agents and service providers. UAN forms a communication platform for the educators and overhaul providers across the globe to meet agents or consultants from specific countries or regions.

“The Agent workshop is the perfect drive to get everybody on the same page.” Agent workshops are the most effective way for the educators to meet qualified and certified agents with UAN across the globe. With UA – Networks the agents can go through a set of training and screening process which ensures that the quality and standards are not compromised. Through Agent workshops, you can learn about the client’s business and begin the strategic work faster. The Agent Workshop is an online platform for agents and educators to meet and discuss business on a one to one session.

Through UAN, International workshops are generally used to bring top ranked Universities and ‘n’ number of agents across the globe under one roof. This helps the universities to get huge number of student recruitments to their international boundaries without much investment. UA – Networks Workshop is an international event that helps the agents and educators connect through a pre - scheduled meeting session to help them exchange details and strengthen their business relations for a better future. The Agent Workshops are done to develop target market and also to reach their intake easily.

Through Agent Workshop, UA – Networks ensures a proper recruitment process through online and offline promotional activities. The UA – Networks platform helps in automating the process of recruitment without any hassles. UA – Networks has successful conducted agent workshops in Sri Lanka, Dubai, UK, etc. These sessions have proved to be both fruitful and productive for the participants.

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