Lead Management Systems

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The concept of lead management is a very old one, however the invent of new technologies has made the process of managing leads more efficient and effective. To better understand Lead Management System, one needs to first grasp the concept of ‘leads’. A lead can be a person or business who may eventually become a client. However, a lead does not essentially mean a prospective client either, as one would require to further inspect the suitability of the client with the business.

Now that we know what a lead is, the next question would be how does one acquire them? Businesses all over the globe invest huge sums of money to gain quality leads through various methods. Some of them include Google and other search engines, Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Leads can also be acquired through cold calling, email marketing, print media like flyers, banners, bill boards and so on. As you can see the options to generating leads are abundant and offer business the flexibility based on their investment ability.

By using one or more of these methods business target their audience and lead them on to take appropriate action such as Call a number, email or simply shop online. The trick is to engage the right audience for your product or service and to keep them interested long enough to make a decision in your favour. Some such engaging trends include conducting Webinars, broadcast podcasts or even publish Q & A materials online to lead the consumer to your product or service.

With so many leads now generated the next hurdle would be to manage them. This is where many businesses fail to succeed. Statistics show that nearly 80% of leads generated never get followed through simply because the sheer numbers become intimidating or they are missed out by mistake. Either way your lack of foresight has cost you some very possible clients. One way to avoid this scenario is to use a Lead Management System (LMS).

A LMS is a tool that helps you to track the leads generated from your various marketing endeavours. Typically you would have a panel that will show you the list of generated leads by date. Depending on your team strength and capacity you can then allocate the said leads to individual members. Once allocated, the leads must then be contacted immediately by the team. The time duration for follow up on the said leads is crucial as the consumer today demands immediate response and delays can cause them to move on to other options.
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