Why to take up a masters degree in Marketing French Excellence

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Masters degrees cover various aspects of the discipline to equip you with deepened knowledge and up-to-date skills in order to fulfil your passion about marketing.The MSc in Marketing French Excellence is a full-time master's degree program taught in English and accredited by the Conférences des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) that offers a holistic view of the marketing meant for students from any country for a career in International marketing! The program is known to prepare students from any country for a career in International Marketing.

So the question remain as to why should one opt for this specialised program?

The answer is that the curriculum essentially equips the individual with managerial and operational skills required to excel in the world of international marketing. Not just that it focuses on French centres Excellence as benchmarks for the development of wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of France's outstanding position in international marketing.
One of the main features of the program is that it helps in analysing in detail marketing strategy and tactics in different French industries to develop distinctive applicable techniques. It also involves studying recent developments in French academic research and practical problem solving to develop the ability to adapt and innovate in real-time. France occupies a unique position, excelling in cultural diversity, scientific endeavour, hospitality, and business acumen.
The programme uses examples from global industries in which France excels to teach advanced marketing theory and techniques. The curriculum also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It provides a unique challenging experience for students, while maximizing their opportunities for long-term personal and career development.
The program prepares students for an international marketing career, by focusing on the inspiration, creativity and expertise of leading French businesses around the world. Specialties include fashion, luxury, culture and services, plus a special emphasis on millennial marketing and research techniques essential for the 21st century marketing professionals.
The three semesters include multiple subjects that equip the student for a successful career ahead like Operational Marketing, International Strategic Marketing, Quantitative Tools for Marketing, etc in semester 1 and Millennial Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Fashion Marketing, etc in semester 2.
The third semester includes an internship period which provides an essential opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills learnt during the first two semesters to a professional environment. The student free to carry out your internship in France, or abroad, subject to approval by the internship director, based on its relevance to the MSc programme and course content. Along with the internship this semester also requires research dissertation for which the student is assigned a tutor and a topic to study and present to a panel.
One of the top UAN empanelled universities in Paris offers the MSc in in Marketing French Excellence as a full time 15 month program taught completely in English.

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