Technical Education in Slovakia, APR 15, 2020 at 02:36 PM

The trend has shifted towards technical study programs like data sciences, big data, automotive engineering, etc. Students today seem to be deviating towards programs such as these rather than the more traditional Medicine, MBA or even simple Science or Economics. It’s no wonder, as the age of technology is here to stay with new inventions and breakthroughs happening every day. Specialised programs that cater to the various branches of technology are being offered for decades in the European education sector and with time the numbers have only increased. These universities are fully equipped with the latest laboratories and equipments to train the budding engineers and scientist of today so they can create and discover to their utmost potential.

One such country in Europe is Slovakia. Even though the country is well known for its wine-growing valleys, picturesque castles, and historical cities, it is quickly progressing with its industrial infrastructure. Higher educational institutions are located in the central region with easy access to transportation, healthcare and other essentials. Studying in Slovakia is remarkably inexpensive for foreign students, with studies, living costs, etc coming to an overall €4000-5000 on average for most study programs. The duration of bachelor’s degrees is usually 3 yrs and 2 yrs for Masters for most faculties, though there may be exceptions to this. The eligibility for the programs differ depending on the field and the university in question, however an average of 50% in your previous education is definitely required along with good English language proficiency of you are taking up an English taught program.

The universities a wide range of study programs which include:

  • Bachelor in Technology and management in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelors in Sensors & Avionic Systems
  • Bachelors in Aircraft Operations
  • Bachelor in Sensors and Avionic Systems
  • Bachelor of Aeronautics
  • Bachelor in industrial design
  • B.E in mechanical engineering
  • B.E in automatics and robotics
  • Masters in Environmental Structures
  • Masters in Technology and Management in Civil Engineering
  • Masters in Structural and transportation engineering
  • Masters in Architectural Engineering
  • Masters in Aircraft Operations
  • M.E.Civil engineering
  • Masters in Sensors & Avionic Systems © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd