Building a successful business is hard as it is, but with natural calamities and pandemics thrown in your way the journey can be quite a challenge. With students worried about the situations in other countries convincing them to take up study abroad programs can seem close to impossible. Added to that the fact that most of us are either under lockdown or restricted movement rules by the government, getting student leads is also nearly impossible.

So how do you handle this sort of a situation? Is the year 2020 going to be a total fail for your business? These are some very disturbing and overwhelming questions you may be asking yourself. Well, to start with it’s not that hard to salvage the situation. All you need is to find alternative methods to reach your target student community. Here are a few things you can do to still make the year 2020 a successful intake season.

  1. Internet is your buddy Search online for apps and services that help you connect with the outside world. The internet is a treasure-trove of knowledge and knowledge if you know how to look. Take your time to sort out some information, learn up on best practices and tips and tricks followed by business owners such as yourself to give you a starting point.
  2. Social Media The influence of social media is pretty obvious. However, be aware that at times like this when people are mostly confined to their homes or are restricted from going out in general social media platforms get used at a much higher scale than usual. So, this is a really good time to start investing in promoting online through various mediums. Your Ad’s will get better views and so will your posters/flyers or any other promotional materials in general. All you need is to ensure you plan the strategy to ensure the money invested is utilised in the best way by tweaking the Ad parameters in the right way.
  3. Virtual Technology So now you have students looking at your services, some have approached you online as well. What next? The good news is there are hundreds of services that give you the option of counselling these students online, hence eliminating the need to get them to walk in to your office. You can even avail services that give you the option to take Webinars or virtual seminars for a group of users at the same time. These platforms offer tools that give you the option to talk individually or to a group, display presentations, text chat, etc as part of the service.
  4. Newsletters , email blasts The usage of emails as form of promotions is an old one. You can customise emails to suite your target audience. Always link your websites, social media channels and contact information in any and all correspondences so that the reader can contact you easily. Newsletters are also a very effective tool for attracting your audience. Various services (free and paid) are available online that help you design attractive newsletters that provide vital information to your audience and thereby redirect then to you for more information.
  5. Service Providers If all the above information seems too overwhelming to you then the next best option is to avail the serves of companies that take up the responsibility of promoting your services for you. They might charge you a lump-sum amount however it will ensure that your promotional activities run smoothly and you only have to take care of the student counselling and the admission processes as usual.

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