FAM Trips

ua-networks, July 19, 2018 at 11:30 AM

FAM trips can be organised by institutions and schools, associations, governments – or third-party tour organisers under contract. They typically include seminars, staff presentations, campus and surrounding tours, and socio-cultural activities. They are often scheduled in conjunction withmajor workshops or conferences for which large numbers of qualified agents are already travelling to a given country or region.

The main idea behind any FAM trip is to provide a podium for education agents, where they can get first-hand experience and offer a better value-based service to their students. This student-agent-customer relationship is fettered majorly with what they call ‘good words’. For agents, attending a FAM trip will expose them to the pros and cons of the universities where they will in future send their students to. It is conducive for the education agency business reputation when an agent can confidently refer or deter their student to or from any destination. By attending FAM tips, agents can get the real picture of the place, course or service they are marketing. As an agent, first-hand knowledge and experience are key aspects you need to focus on. FAM trips are also great tools for promoting your business. Marketing and branding of your business can be done at the most personal level in a familiarizing trip.
FAM trips engage multiple agent events and meet ups with the universities or educational institutions. This can give rise to various events organized by the institutions to boost the morale of the agents or consultants attending such trips. At UAN, we know that the business bonds are strengthened and secured when all the people involved have an opportunity to see and get to know what exactly their service renderings are to their valuable students. We use our platform to engage our consultants to travel down to the educators they wish to empanel with or they are already contracted to work for. This enhances the confidence of the agents to work with the university. We give the opportunity for the agents to come and visit the universities that we have in our platform. Take the best snaps possible; share your unique experience over the blogs, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to reach as many followers as you can!

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