Which study level is apt for you?

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Confused on which level of study you should apply to? Whether Degree, postgraduate, or vocational. It can be a little embarrassing. Let us explain to you what you can apply to, and what you should do. Keep in mind that the following factors need to be considered when deciding which level of study you should apply to:

Firstly, your highest qualification you have achieved so far will have an impact on what you can study at a higher level. Universities have basic requirements for admitting to their courses. For certain classes, you generally need to have a satisfactory grade at high school level in one or more associated subjects; This is to ensure that you have basic knowledge of the area and can swiftly switch to higher education. Next, what careers have you in mind? More competitive fields will require students to have a postgraduate qualification, so an undergraduate degree alone won’t be enough on its own. Likewise, if you've always wanted to study at the university level, you'll need an undergraduate degree

And if you don't have the skills you need for a course, there are plenty of options for getting you to where you need to be! Before you learn a particular course, you should review processes (like a pre-masters course) to fill any gap of expertise. There are many courses that will improve different skills at a higher level.

What study levels are there?

Degree education is usually the first form of higher education that most students pursue. The most popular undergraduate degree studied is an honors degree that is completed for 3-4 years depending on the country where it is taught.

Postgraduate education usually follows a degree of honors at undergraduate education. Postgraduate study helps you to concentrate on a broader subject that you may have quickly studied at the undergraduate level, as well as work on an original thesis project. A master’s degree – which lasts 1 to 2 years – is followed by a doctorate, which takes 3-4 years to complete.

The focus of vocational education is on education that is more focused on providing practical experience that will lead students to careers, especially trades and careers. Whereas undergraduate and postgraduate schooling can be more academic, technical education provides the hands-on training and strategies for a range of professions, from accountancy and nursing to engineering and law.

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