Integrating your Study Abroad Experience in your Cover Letter, July 27 2020 at 03:23 PM

Every candidate wants something special and every employee brings something specific to the table. Think about how you stand out among the crowd. Including a few sentences on traveling abroad in your cover letter can be a perfect way to show off your experience of the world and catch the imagination of a reader. Studying abroad is such a multifaceted experience; moreover, it can be difficult to pick out only a few things to concentrate on. And what's more important to prospective employers?

The only thing you can do is understand the business you are working for, and reflect on which opportunities are only connected to it. Provide clear examples if you can, and explain what precisely you received from your time abroad.

For example, if you are applying for a position on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, you’d probably want to add an internship that you had done in London. You can write in the following manner: “I obtained a new insight on the British policy system by interning with MP Rosie Cooper during my Semester in London. I was fortunate enough to join in at some of her regular sessions, including a call with the Embassy of the United States. By attending this meeting, I picked up the intricacies of how our two countries connect on a political basis, so I want to bring back my insights to Capitol Hill to help develop our Special Relationship on the other side.”

Sometimes, the specifics sound unimportant. It can be especially difficult to remember if you didn't have an internship or a position abroad. This is fine! A more conventional glance at your experience would also be a perfect way to demonstrate your versatility and cultural awareness to a customer. Many other things you might need to consider while composing a cover letter include: The experiences you have with different cultures, why you can react to new circumstances, the structure and scope of the trips you plan, human freedom, manage cash in another currency, addressing cultural gaps, related teaching or research programs and much more.

Many people think studying abroad is all about getting fun-and that’s it! But it's also a fantastic opportunity to learn, and to develop. Place a positive twist on stuff, and any boss will be surprised to see how much of the expertise you've taken away. Join UAN to figure out the best way to graduate overseas. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd