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ua-networks.com, July 29 2020 at 02:30 PM

If you think of Sweden, it's real the country will catch your wanderlust and there's so much to do beyond the office as well. Yet then there are so many other reasons for interning here overseas. It's no wonder internships in Sweden for English speakers have become so popular because they are English-friendly and have a cutting edge economy.

The work-life balance is so critical that Swedes are using science to show that less work is a positive thing! Sweden tossed out the conventional 9-to-5 workweek in favour of a shortened two-hour working day. The nation was also carrying out a survey to show that the shortened day was healthier for the workers. Not only were they happier locating jobs, but they were much more successful and did not see any less work done.

The work that is contained in the subway is not limited to one time frame either; it literally goes for decades and is created by hundreds of artists of the world class. Through traditional sculptures to industrial designs, there is everything, and even statues. Internships in Stockholm are filled with photography.

Sweden is one of the nations in Northern Europe , making it somewhat more difficult to fly from there than a country like France or Germany. Fear not-there are still plenty inexpensive and convenient ways to fly from Sweden to Europe. Flights to other EU countries from each of the airports are fairly cheap and short. You can get last-minute tickets to almost anywhere in Europe for just under $100.

Sweden is one of the first countries to virtually phase out currency. Swedes just don't want to hold cash and use credit cards instead for nearly any purchase. More than 90 per cent of all Swedish purchases are done by credit card. Swedes grew up speaking English, and plenty of them even joke that they speak Swenglish, a mixture of English and Swedish. Sweden is being consistently named as one of the top countries in the world for English as a second language. Swedes' familiarity with and use of English makes it easier for English speakers to find internships in Sweden!

Become the worker that the employer doesn't want to let go. Should not work simply to get it on your resume; do it to know and show. Who knows what? Your host employer could be giving you a career or at least helping to develop a network that can earn you a full-time position somewhere. Now you're set to work overseas, so take your visa, book your ticket and brace yourself for a lifetime adventure. Join UAN to study in Sweden thereby making it easy to start your Internship there!

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