Studying Media and Social Sciences abroad, SEP 19 2020 at 05:20 PM

Probably, social studies and media are the most contemporary area you can research as it morphs and continually changes based on how culture and media often shift. So if you want to feel like you're researching an area that's on the cutting edge and completely new, this is the field for you! Society is constantly changing: the values we believe in; the people with whom we interact; the anxieties that bother us, etc. Although it may sound cliché, the best way to grasp who we are – and where we are going – is to place ourselves in a given time and context, which means looking back to where we came from.

Media remains an area that fascinates us. Cameras and lighting; news and sound bites; celebrity control. All these are extremely thrilling to us from our everyday lives. The professions that we associate with the media, such as public relations, advertising, and journalism, look flashy, imaginative, and even exclusive (and were inevitably introduced to us by the media as such); therefore any path that could lead to a job in one of these industries has become instantly popular.

But we're not only in awe of the media; we’re becoming more aware of their presence and impact. Nevertheless, the media continues to grow in the strategies it uses, so it is crucial that we know how to question what we absorb, rather than embrace it instantly. In addition, this area places emphasis on core competencies such as writing, presentation and critical analysis, all of which are pursued across multiple sectors.

Those interested in how we function as a culture can find that they immerse themselves fully in the field of social studies, gaining a whole new understanding of who we are as a people. At the heart of Social Studies are important problems like race and gender. For those who are not afraid of shying away from challenging, often contentious debates on these topics will find likeminded individuals with whom they can open a discourse.

Social Studies and Media cover a range of topics so the qualifications for studying a specific topic depend on what you want to research. You may benefit from good English writing and reading skills, but you will need to have unique high school qualifications (e.g. photography classes, design or art qualifications). You should always consult with the university itself on the admission criteria for a course. However, you should bear in mind that courses in the field of social studies and media will enable you to improve key skills, such as working in a team, in addition to practical skills in this area. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd