The Reference Letter is an important part of the application process. While it is sometimes considered not as relevant as the A or Polytechnic Diploma levels, references are useful because, apart from his or her academic records, they allow admission committees to offer an opinion about an applicant. Various institutions have varying criteria for letters of recommendation. Although some are only interested in recommendations from their instructors, some need letters of recommendation from current or former employers. Whoever you want to write your letter of recommendation can make or break the likelihood of your dream university entry. So remember to carefully pick! For a greater understanding and personal assistance, join UAN. Here are some suggestions for having the perfect letter of recommendation.

  1. The person you select ought to know you well. As a student and a person, the more insight a professor has into you, the better your recommendation will be.  
  2. After you have asked for your referee to be your peer, employer or professor. Speak about them. Explain your inspiration for further testing. Offer your referrer information about your choice and why you believe you would be a successful candidate for that university if you have a specific university or college in mind. Discuss your range and ask for feedback.
  3. Provide a list of your achievements, CV or any other detail you think would be important to note to your referee.
  4. And don't be generic. Because most students have them, but everything else is equal, a student with a bland personality is at a disadvantage. A letter with common adjectives does not support or harm.
  5.  Give your referees plenty of time for your letter to be written. A large envelope containing all the required forms should also be issued, with each form accompanied by a stamped, addressed, business-sized envelope and a list of schools and deadlines. The due date of each form should be made perfectly clear. Also, thank the referee for taking the time to write your letter of reference and to notify the referee of your university application results. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd