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It needs you to be hard-working, imaginative and rational to study architecture at university. This could be the right course for you if you are intrigued by buildings, architecture and infrastructure. We've answered some of the main questions you need to ask before applying for an architecture degree in order to help you decide. This guide is here to provide you with motivation and the main knowledge you need in this dynamic field to continue with your interests. Architecture is the design and construction of buildings in its simplest sense, incorporating architecture, mathematics, technology and logistics. You can learn how to draw exact designs of buildings either by hand or with computer software during an architecture degree. For the future, you can study modules such as sustainable architecture and construction. You will also take math, physics, chemistry, and computer science and art courses. Degrees in architecture are notoriously difficult, but also highly rewarding.

Some universities may require you to have studied these subjects at school / college, as an architecture degree will include mathematics and science. However, you will need five GCSE's (or equivalent) with grades in general. In order to prove your creative abilities, you may also be asked to have a portfolio of designs / drawings at A-level (or equivalent). As part of your application or at interview points, this may be asked. Note that there could be different entrance criteria for colleges, so you have to consult with the college.

In various regions, there are many types of architects with specialist skills, so take a look at the list below to see which one stands out most to you. Loving green spaces and the outdoors? Landscape architects are constructing and designing exactly that. Landscape architects produce visually appealing landscapes for people and communities, from parks, gardens, housing developments, walkways to the option of flowers and plants. With interior design, you can research architecture, but this is a distinct area of conventional architecture and focuses more on the interiors of existing buildings. The architecture of urban planning focuses mainly on the design of the built environment, such as the development of cities and towns. It is, in essence, the architecture of urban spaces. You will also recognize the effect of your plans on populations that will be employed and living in the region in this line of work. Would you like to see more colleges and courses in architecture? Enter UAN and find out about the best universities in Europe offering architecture courses. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd