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Spain is rich in history and culture and offers a complete package to those coming from foreign countries to the region. The rich culture, great food, and affordable living expenses are all great reasons to spend time in this beautiful country. While becoming an international student, there is just too much to understand, be it related to academia, history, rituals, styles, art, or music. Although quality education is one of the key reasons why international students chose to study in Spain, there are several other complimentary factors that add up to the wholesome experience of Spain.

Lectures use various teaching methods at universities such as workshops, cooperative work, problem-solving learning, project-based learning, etc. Practical courses are also popular in experimental science, such as laboratory or machine practice. Higher education in Spain can be an interesting experience for the students where most of them emphasize in tourism and culinary arts sector. The culinary arts discipline blends company and management experience with cuisine, craft and presentation skills. Culinary arts students may have the opportunity to experience working in a kitchen setting and can take part in internships with local restaurants while tourism program can be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about how the business works, which helps them prepare for exciting and satisfying careers.

The best thing is that there are plenty of choices, from many different sectors, for your higher level of studies. UAN has tie-ups with top universities that specialize in tourism and culinary arts programs and work with top hospitality brands. UAN provide you the right direction for your overseas education to enrich your academic experience and enhance your career. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd