Croatia offers higher education of very high quality. Croatia consists of more than 130 institutions of higher education. These include public and private universities, polytechnics and universities. The Croatian Ministry for Economy, Labor and Employment supervises these institutions.

Students are provided with two different types of study:
University studies: University-only academic programmes;
Professional studies: Polytechnics / institutes and universities of applied science professional programmes.

a) Educational Opportunities

Croatia's education is offered almost throughout the year. In the normal academic year that begins in October and ends in September, the majority of the students participate. Examinations are planned year round, as most schools are scheduled for the half year; winter which is early October through end June and summer which is end of February until mid June. Exams will also be held during all the year.

b) Costs of Higher Education

The Ministry of Education directly controls and sponsors higher education. The cost of studying for the citizens of Croatia is therefore free, and the tuition fees for the citizens of abroad depend upon different factors in a higher education facility, including whether the educational institution is private or public. The institutions fix tuition and fees themselves, not the government. There are significant costs for international students, from one school to the next and from one study to the next. Tuition fee levels are dependent on the type and duration of the curriculum.
Then of course, while studying in Croatia, there are living expenses. One may take between EUR 400 and 700 per month as a rough monthly guide with current trends which include food, housing, utilities, transportation and books depending on where you live. Student centers manage student dormitories in large, well-known residential buildings and private room rental with families or separate homes are offered with very reasonable rates. International students must have enough financial resources, whether from personal sources or national or international scholarships, to study at Croat universities for the duration of their stay in Croatia.
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