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A dual study-internship programme allows you to study and intern in a foreign country at the same time. Though it varies by programme, you'll most likely take multiple classes at a locally managed university and then be placed in an internship with a local company as part of the programme. These programmes frequently ensure that academic and internship activities complement one another, whether through language or other topics.

The internship component of your study-internship programme will not only allow you to observe how locals go about their everyday lives, but you will also be following in their footsteps and possibly creating friends who will last beyond the workday. While you can get an internship while studying abroad, a dual study-internship programme will offer more complements and connections between the two. You'll gain academic context for your internship as part of your studies, as well as the opportunity to put what you've learned in the classroom into practice through your work.

As any recent college graduate can attest, those real-world experiences were crucial in contextualizing and making sense of academic subjects, and they helped them advance professionally faster than merely sitting in a classroom. Why not gain a leg up and do it in another country? However, not everyone is a good fit for a study abroad programme that includes overseas job experience. Some people will benefit more from the social challenges that come with travelling overseas, while others will find joy in volunteering while on vacation. If you're motivated by your work and want to pursue a career in another country, a study-internship programme could be the next best thing.

While merely listing your study abroad experience on your resume may help you land your ideal job, being able to include specifics of genuine work experience in an overseas setting through a dual study-intern programme will set you apart significantly. International companies need candidates that are willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, which you will undoubtedly do. Companies that hire overseas interns are more likely to hire you with a work visa — or at the very least point you in the right path.

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