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For international students, the United Kingdom is unquestionably a popular study abroad destination. To have a more comfortable living and sometimes just for work experience, international students often find it beneficial to have a part time job when studying in the UK.

The cost of living varies by city in the United Kingdom, and many international students will be disappointed to learn that London is currently the eighth most expensive city in the world. Regardless, knowing the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting student jobs is crucial in the UK. Under the new UK Student Visa pathway, all international students, regardless of nationality, will have the same requirements for finding a job in the UK. When looking for student jobs in the UK, regulations can be severe. Don't worry; the dull part is almost over! Here are some brief and useful lists that show what kinds of student jobs are available in the UK for persons having a UK Student Visa:

International students having a student visa in the United Kingdom can:
? During term time, students who are enrolled full-time in a degree programme or higher can work up to 20 hours per week
? During term time, students enrolled in a full-time programme below the degree level can work 10 hours per week
? Outside of term-time and during holidays, both groups of students are eligible for full- time employment
? Participate in a work placement as part of your study

International students holding a student visa in the United Kingdom are unable to:
? Self-employment, freelance work, or the gig economy
? A professional performer, athlete, and coach
? Working as a full-time employee in a permanent role
? Completing a non-accredited work placement as part of your study
? Participating in business activities
By staying within the specified guidelines and without affecting your original purpose - education, you can still find some options that will help you earn while you learn!

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