Moving to a new country for higher education with a different language, culture and education format can be a huge strain on a students academics and language skills. Inorder to solve this many Universities conduct Foundation programs. A Foundation program or foundation year program is a UK-inspired one year introductory  study course designed for filling the knowledge gap and building the student’s academic level to match the needs of Bachelor's or Master's degree at an international university. Foundation programs can be generic, designed to prepare the student for starting a degree in a certain field, for example, foundation programs in business, in computer science or in humanities and arts. They can also be tailored for a specific type of degree course. Foundation program fulfill any gap between the high school and university by offering a range of proven and practical benefits for international students.

Foundation courses may also be studied by students who have an excellent academic record, but may not have studied the necessary subjects in enough depth. For example a student wishing to study Medicine or Engineering who doesn’t have higher level qualifications in science can take a foundation year which will be considered as ‘year zero’ of the total length of their course.  The international foundation year is designed to bring students with these broader educational backgrounds up to the same academic level as those who have undergone a specialist high school education. A foundation course is the first step on the way to successfully obtaining your degree.

Benefits for students on Foundation Programs.

  • Students can improve their academic skills
  • They can take an alternative route into their course
  • Students may gain credit towards further study
  • They can choose a stream that suits their interest and background
  • Gets well training on excellent English language
  • Build confidence for your years of study to follow
  • Students get to adjust with the academic environment, teaching system, types of assessments
  • Designed for international students
  • Get used to university style of teaching

UA-Networks partners with many universities which provide Foundation program to familiarize the students with the local language, the educational infrastructure and policies, etc. It is in essence a tool to supplement the student’s further education and make the experience of distance education smoother. Universities such as University of Pisa, International Business School Hungary are some of the few universities associated with UA-Network who provide Foundation programs. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd