A Recent Surge In Educators Subscribing For UAN Services

UA-Networks, Posted on January 31, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Out of the contemporary tactics used by the education consultant, the most prominent one is the below recommendation, they have been making to the schools Subscribe as an Educator with UAN to make international recruitment simpler, faster and cheaper for institutions

Brand recognition
Lower recruiting costs
International UAN certified agent network
International qualified student network
Efficient and Customizable ERP
Automated admission processing
Automated business processing
Customizable recruitment option
Ease to access global market
Customizable business solution through a mix of online and offline platforms
Quick turnaround time
Better conversion rate for each intake targets

From Agents Perspective:
An international student recruitment consultant will be often representing more than two hundred institutions that covers a wide range of their education service portfolio. This will be typically focused towards a set of qualified candidates in the target market. Hypothetically, if you happen to be a low ranked institution or an upcoming education institution, it is highly likely that your organization won't make it into the top priority recruitment list of the agents. The reason for the same being set out by the recruiters is the fact that everyone in the service industry is looking out for efficient resource management options. If an agent considers using the programs offered by such an upcoming educator in the market, it will be an additional expense from his valet to educate his resources with the essential knowledge and training, about the institution, their programs and the ways by which they can make the client pitch with them etc. It consumes time, money, pain and hard work. At times these kinds of schools are also neglected with relevance to the commission slabs offered, their work culture, history etc. Another reason put across by the agents while contracting with such institutions is the fact that they are not geared up to handle international recruitments. This is because of their incapacity to make things run smoothly under the surveillance of a 24/7 support system. The time zone differences and the lack of a support system with the institutes always causes miss communications and loss of information's, which can often agitate the agents and may cause severe damages to their contracts. The above mentioned notes pose a lot of risk from the agent perspective while performing recruitment activities for a targeted intake.
From the Schools perspective:
Education institutions have a lot of processes that helps them make their business run like a well oiled machine. Such activities may be in between or during the admission processing like existing student servicing, employee recruitments, classes, curriculum, campuses, funding etc When it comes to a small institution in question, these activities are very much stream lined and will be running on fine budgetary lines that doesn't give them ample room to budge towards either sides. In such scenarios even a minor compromise like addition of two or three employees or conducting an unaccounted international conference, will clearly cause a quick depletion of such institute's recruitment budget for that intake. Even though such small institutions contract with their own agents, they wind up being disappointed when they find out that the quality of their recruitments has been highly compromised in terms of low student qualification, incomplete applications, lack of applicant filters, irregular responses etc. Such scenario faced by the new institutes reduces their chance of completing an intake with the target students they need.
How do we resolve this?
With UAN, all the agents and educators can connect, contract and use the elaborate ERP to automate their business without incurring too much of cost, apart from what you pay for subscription. UAN being an advisory board of the various institutes on board, agents or it patrons are likely to get quick response, feedbacks, a plan or a course of action to take things further in low turnaround time.
24/7 Agent and UAN Support
Application Completeness and Review
Committed and automated promotion and Marketing
Dedicated Team
Global Recruitment Agent Portfolio
Representation at Global Conferences
With UAN, we provide a unique platform with all the agents, educators, students and service providers enabling them to use a cloud based ERP that automates their recruitment, business processing and promotions. Such connections or partnerships enable matriculation agreements, integrated programs and access to shared ideas on how to move forward in a rapidly changing business environment. While subscribing to a platform like UAN can automate your student recruitments, the reputation essential to attract the students and other patrons to your services within and outside the portal depends on the individual agents or their institutions. All possible promotional automation and mix can be provided with the best results through our automated system but managing the expectation of your clients should still be the core objective of the service provider. Contact a representative today to see how UAN Services will elevate your institution and experience the impact it will have on your school.

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