UAN -  Cloud based ERP for your education services

UA-Networks, Posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 1:00 PM

A dedicated education service ERP is the one that automate an agent’s, student recruitment process from counseling to post enrollments with the relevant educator’s as their key deliverables. The application is designed to support and promote a consortium of globally top ranked universities that are signing up for our support functions on a regular basis. Depending on their subscriptions, the agents can also customize their promotional tools according to the degree of reach and the targets they need in any global ground. It also accustoms the agents with a set of business tool kits like the newsletters, proposals, agreements and custom contracts that they wish to use as and when demanded under different circumstances. The module automates the business for an agent, from the moment they subscribe and select the universities they wish to work with. This way it’s a onetime contract to multiple universities. This user friendly system integrates agent’s intricate activities including pre-assessment, find courses and Universities, admission application, processing, feedbacks, refunds, agent commercials and a lot more. This way we ensure that everybody is transparent with everything they need to know under the contract that passes through different patrons under a recruitment process. All this happens through this elaborate agent ERP.

Benefits of using ERP • Cost effective • Better organization of student files • A quicker management process • 24/7 Back end support • Reduce or eliminate manual process • More automated administration • Enable higher availability of administrative system • University wide integration on a common system The agent business centre is interlinked in real time with educator dashboard, students and service provider dashboards. This ensures that when any of these parties using the ERP instigates an action will definitely reflect with the concerned patron’s dashboard in the form of a notification. The systems elaborate model helps the agent to choose an appropriate option for their students and manage their application in such a way that it goes through a smooth and transparent process. With UAN Agent Business Centre, we ensure that our agent’s reputation for meeting the targets, satisfying the clients and serving them with appropriate solutions are always upheld and prioritized. Your efforts and business are well rewarded through us. To subscribe to our services please log into For more details please log into or mail us on © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd