UA Networks is a 360 degree platform which connect universities, educational agents, students and service providers under one single roof. They connect agents with many universities on one click. They provide agents an ERP software for connecting with universities and also for managing the application of students. By associating with UAN your credibility and trustworthiness in front of the university increases and also agents will not face any difficulties while connecting with the universities. UAN enables an educational agent to completely automate their business by providing essential information to them and by offering a platform which manage the entire process of an educational consultancy. It completely ensure 100% accurate and reliable recruitment process when an agent is doing the entire procedure manually. If the agent is doing this work himself then it demands a lot of time and effect but does not offer accurate result. UAN platform enables the agents to check the status of each student’s application and ensures efficient operations throughout the recruitment process. The educational consultants get an opportunity for expanding their business globally through European University which is not easy if it is through direct association we offer efficient medium to get access to multiple universities under one single contract.

UAN provide many services such as personalized training for each agent about the ERP software using. And the agent will get customized training from university and also about the courses which they offer. If a student is registering with UAN they will redirect that students leads for agents from the same locality as that of students. As a subscribed agent of UAN promotes your consultancy and will help to globalise your business through their social media platform like facebook, twitter, instagram. UAN provide agents meet with universities where the agent can directly meet the university representative and also can reassure the students about the university location, their infrastructure, services, programs, etc. If the agent is facing any issues regarding technical problem UAN will provide complete assistance for that and will ensure complete efficiency for the entire process. If a student application is sent through UAN portal to universities there is an added advantage, the pre-assessment is free. If it is not gone through UAN portal the pre-evaluation will have a charge. UAN offering European universities with subsidized tuition fee with the same infrastructure facility which is provided by American Universities. The UAN agents will get immediate response from the universities and can manage ‘n’ number of students application simultaneously. The seamless UAN platform ensures that every certified agent gets complete and direct access to the universities thereby meeting client requirement efficiently. UAN promises complete support at every stage of the recruitment process by maintaining effective contact with service providers. UAN gives an opportunities for agents all over the world to get direct contact with European University for expanding your business globally through UAN platform. UAN offers access to extensive range of universities at one single click and ERP platforms helps the educational agents to automate the admission process completely. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd